Mayor Buddy Dyer, Chairwomen Debbie Stivender, Welton Cadwell and Keith Farmer


Moving election date is a big advantage to incumbent

And the Florida governmental Cheating goes on!

Everyone in the country knows that the larges turn out of voter is always in the year of a presidential election so, the Mayor and the council members that are up for election are


My question still is,

“What are you Florida going to do about it?”

Nothing as usual just roll over once again!

When will Florida get tired of watching the powers to be


Is there not one honest person in all of Florida that we can sit on that corrupt throne and “Take back Florida for the Floridians?”

The city also could have held the election with the presidential primary, as in the past, which would have saved taxpayers about $100,000, according to Channel 9’s Lori Brown.

Both Republicans and Democrats are concerned the move will eliminate any competition for the mayor or three commissioners up for re-election, but Commissioner Patty Sheehan disputed that

Plan to move Orlando elections to November passes first vote

Orlando’s city attorney has proposed moving the city’s next municipal elections forward by several months in order to avoid conflicting with the state’s 2016 presidential primary date

Moving election date could be big advantage to incumbent Orlando commissioners

Mayor Buddy Dyer and

The three Commissioner in question as to why they want to change voting laws are

Welton Cadwell District 5 seat.

James E. Todd of Eustis

Chairwoman Debbie Stivender, District 3 and is in a facing off against Keith Farner of Leesburg.


All Four are Republicans to those tired of me nit picking your political party!

It could have been the Democratic party but we will never know

because we will never be able to get rid of the “RAT PACK!”


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