What does the City/Town Council do?



Duties and responsibilities can be summed up as

“Do the very best to represent your constituents only after you’ve seen to the needs of the city as a whole.”


Who sets the rules for the city council?

The rules that a city council has to adhere to are set not only by state and federal statutes (law)… they have to govern within and by the city’s “charter” which is the set of laws governing a city.

They, the city council, can adopt certain changes within a city charter if they go by the rules set into it by law…. otherwise, any changes to the city charter have to come by way of the citizens of that city by way of a vote.

That said,

Every county, town and city in Florida is running amuck with run-a-way laws and refusing to answer to their constituents for the betterment of themselves and it is time to put our foot down!

Hard Rock Casino wants to build another Hotel Daytona Beach will be a 28-story hotel.

Every Floridian at this past meeting as with the meeting on the first 29 story hotel, voiced “NO” however it as with the first has passed the town council, “WHY?”

If the Floridian neighbors do not want these monsters built between them and their view why does the council flat out refuse to listen to them?

Because they no longer have to after this government changed the laws of the people!

Residences at Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach, Oceanfront …

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I had to use this old one, wonder why?

Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach will be a 28-story tower that sits … It will be a mixed-use building with 236 hotel rooms on … and three-bedroom floor


Try to download these two sites and my anti-virus software stopped the move, WHY?


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