Budget includes money for gangster hideout

Floridians do not need a “Shrine” we need “Drinking Water!”

What’s wrong with this picture?

Florida government refuses to buy land that we desperately need to help save our drinking water and yet this government has willingly set aside a quarter of a million dollars to buy and then whatever money it will take to build it into a shrine for murdering gangsters?

Ma Barker was the matriarch of the Barker-Karpis Gang, whose spree of kidnappings, murderers and bank robberies led to her and its members’ violent deaths.


The money would come out of the Land Acquisition Trust Fund, which will handle money voters last year overwhelmingly said they wanted to go for land and water conservation and maintenance?

Is this what I voted for?

I think not!

Floridians do not need a “Shrine” we need “Drinking Water!”

More than two years ago, the home had been put up for sale with Stirling Sotheby’s International Realty with a minimum bid of $1 million.

There were no takers.

Marion Tax Collector George Albright has said the county needs help purchasing the home for $889,000. The county also needs another $100,000 for upgrades to turn the 9.5-acre parcel and home into the museum.

Florida lawmakers to set aside a quarter-million dollars in the Florida budget to help buy what’s known as the “Ma” Barker house along Lake Weir



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