Florida elite to up-grade tax on ratepayers

Fill my pockets with some green and I will give you everything belonging to our constituents including their green!

What this means to you my neighbors is that you will be paying and paying

“Big Time,”

for your gas companies right to be Drilling (Fracking) in, on, around, or under your property while looking for fuel to also charge you for use!

Is anyone in this state and/or country old enough to still remember when it was a

“Free Country?”

Just as Flagler County Resolves Against Fracking, Ratepayers Will Underwrite FPL’s Fracking Bills!


Unlike a decision late last year to approve Florida Power & Light’s investment in a controversial Oklahoma fracking operation, future exploratory ventures for natural gas won’t have to earn regulatory approval on a case-by-case basis to determine if the spending is prudent.

That means FPL can invest in fracking ventures at ratepayers’ expense, making it the first utility in the nation–according to an analysis by the Public Service Commission–to spend ratepayers dollars on “non-regulated risk,” the Miami Herald reports.

We taped again and will be watching tonight “Promised Land” about fracking in a small town.

Promised Land



Remember, if you did not vote or voted them into office, you got what you deserved,

“Slave masters!”


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