Gov. Rick Scott’s Budget Cuts Jobs

Gov. Rick Scott’s budget vetoes leave lawmakers reeling


No cuts in and around his neighborhood in South Florida?

Scott vetoed the money, saying it circumvents the due diligence and review process of Space Florida, a public-private agency that facilitates industry growth.

That was news to state Sen. Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, who noted Scott allowed similar funding a year ago. “When did Space Florida have a due diligence process?” she said. “I’ve never heard of it.”

Gibson said Scott’s vetoes appeared to be payback to lawmakers who opposed him over the last year. He publicly feuded with the Senate over Medicaid expansion and hospital funding.

“When you call yourself the ‘jobs governor ‘or you’re the ‘keep Florida working’ governor, there is nobody who knows better what the jobs would be in their communities than the people who represent their districts,” Sen. Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, said.

Gov. Scott Makes Budget Cuts And Cuts Jobs

More than 1,100 people woke up this morning un-employed as a result of the reduction in the state workforce under the $78.7 billion state budget signed Tuesday morning by Gov. Rick Scott. Scott stunned both the House and the by his making massive budget cuts that were felt statewide.

A quick look at the agencies hardest hit are the Department of Health, which lost 813 positions, the Department of Environmental Protection, which lost 120 positions, and the Agency for Health Care Administration, which lost 81 positions.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s budget cuts $673M in taxes, 1,353 state jobs


Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau January 28, 2015

Scott proposes cost savings by cutting 1,353 positions from a total of 114,444 jobs, a decision sure to disappoint many of his agency heads. For instance, the Department of Corrections, which has been battling an image problem after a spate of prison deaths, requested 654 new positions. But Scott is proposing only more than 300.


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