Florida Uniform Fire Code

339 Lightning fires in Florida

And this is only counting 7 counties?

And still building do not need sprinklers or Lightning Arrestors if built on or before 1985?

Florida Uniform Fire Code

There is none!


Sprinkler requirements by state?


No statewide adoption, but local jurisdictions are permitted to require sprinklers, pending certain local conditions.


Check your state.

This is a serious disregard for life and property not to mention the cost to you from your insurance company!

During the past decade, the state averaged more than 1.2 million strikes a year, according to the National Weather Service.

That’s about 200,000 more strikes than any other state.

From 2010 to 2014, the State Fire Marshal’s Office investigated more than 1,180 building and wildfires across Florida with lightning as a confirmed cause.

Seminole County ranked third in the state with 53 confirmed lightning-strike fires during that time frame, according to state data.

Duval and Palm Beach counties tied for first with 66, followed by Hillsborough with 60 confirmed lightning-strike fires.

Orange County tied with Miami-Dade for fourth in the state with 52 fires, according to the data.

Those fires, along with other lightning-caused damage, led to more than 10,000 insurance claims in Florida last year, according to the Insurance Information Institute, which tracks insurance data.

Much as with the number of lightning deaths and injuries, Florida ranks first in the country for the most lightning claims.

The estimated value of all those claims is nearly $74 million, according to the insurance institute.

Officials are also blaming lightning for a fire that tore through College Football Hall of Fame Coach Lou Holtz’s Lake Nona mansion June 21, and for a fire at a mobile home in Marion County on June 25 that killed nine cats.

Last year alone lightning sparked at least 265 building fires and wildfires across Florida, according to the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

States are in such a hurry to build new homes while abandoning older homes that, not only are they buildings walls still using Wall-board from China?

The outside walls are still being build using Ply-score (CDX plywood) held together with glue chemicals like ‘Formaldehyde!’

We all remember the wall board mold problem from China?

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