What’s the difference between Donald Trump and Alan Grayson?

Donald Trump keeps his brain in his wallet and his heart in his back pocket!

Alan Grayson keeps his Brain in his Heart and his Heart and Soul in his Love of Florida and her people!

I am voting for Mr. Alan Grayson, always have, always will!

The Democratic party in Florida and around the country for that matter, need to get themselves out of


And get some schooling on what Floridians and the rest of this country need and are crying,

“NAY, Begging-For!”

Alan Grayson is their answer but will they ever wake up and smell the roses?

Republican Party starting with Senator Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon in 1960 have ruled Florida and the south.

This should tell even the non- committal something?

The Republican party have controlled Florida since 1992, think about it?

The Florida Senate was dominated by Democrats until 1992, when a majority of Republicans was elected.

The Florida House of Representatives turned Republican after the November 1996 election.

The Florida Legislature became the first legislature in any of the states of the former confederacy to come under complete Republican control when the Republicans gained control of the House and Senate in the 1996 election.

Florida Rep. Grayson announces run for Senate

Grayson to run against U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy for Democratic nomination

Jul 09, 2015



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