Florida Court throws out districts, Maps

Well this ever end?

One small step from the Florida Supreme Court System!

One giant step for Floridians!

Or is it?

Only time will tell.

This has been going on since long before I arrived in the state so I seriously doubt it!

Remember my Floridian Democratic and Republican Friends, if you keep voting your political party because your parents did, your grandparents did and your great-grandparents did, you will be getting the same shaft that your parents did, your grandparents did and your great-grand parents did?

Wouldn’t it be better for you, your children and your grandchildren if we all joined in, dumped all of our congress both parties and start fresh with better Floridian Laws?

If you had more of your rights, money, health and home, your family, your children’s family and your grand-children’s family will sleep better, have more money to enjoy life better, because you will be healthier?

Florida Supreme Court throws out Congressional districts, Maps will have to be redrawn before next year’s election


Lawyers duked it out in the courtroom Wednesday over Florida’s new congressional maps.



The Florida Supreme Court is throwing out the state’s congressional districts, saying the Republican-controlled Legislature violated a constitutional amendment approved by voters in 2010.

The ruling Thursday means new maps will have to be drawn for most of the state’s 27 congressional districts

before next year’s election.

A coalition of groups that including the League of Women Voters challenged the maps, saying they didn’t adhere to the amendment approved by voters that dictates political districts can’t be drawn to benefit incumbents or political parties.

A lower court agreed that GOP operatives worked behind the scenes in violation of the amendment, but approved a second map that changed only two districts.

Challengers said that wasn’t enough.


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