Mystery Bullet?

Please remember this Floridians and every visitor thinking on a visit to Florida!

This is the new normal in Florida!

It also was not a freak accident!

A women was eating at an outside restaurant in Deland Volusia County in Florida when she felt a sting on her left leg (Thigh).

Four days later a doctor found a bullet lodged too close to an artery to remove so she will have it in her leg for life?

Now remember, BLACK BEAR HUNTING -July 8, 2015

Do you know how far a bullet can travel fired from someplace around our/your home, hotel or motel?

Depending who you ask, between 1 and 15 miles.

Now remember

(Rifle Silencers)!

Why not fine the lazy Floridians -January 16, 2015?

Let’s not make money for the fish and wildlife service by fining the lazy people not protecting their trash containers and pet food,

let’s kill the animals instead?


How many of the Fish & Wildlife Service personal are hunters?

Mystery bullet strikes woman at Florida entertainment establishment

Bullet discovered in woman’s leg 4 days after incident

Last but by no means least!

Florida – A State of Continual Embarrassment -June 27, 2015


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