Bernie Sanders/Hillary Clinton

If that was a Dynasty, I am looking forward to 8 more years of this Dynasty!


Senator Bernie Sanders is a Good/Great Politician!

Being from New England I have been saying this since he came on the scene in Vermont as their senator.

After a few tries he became their senator, I was glad because God knows this country has few congressmen/women that can keep rattling cages.

His experience in Vermont is/was a big help as senator, if he loses, one can hope, for Vermont, that he can get his seat back?

Let’s not keep pounding on his past remarks about women, he said that he was just joking?

The problem with being a Good/Great politician is that both state and federal congress is full of Good/Great Politicians.

In the past we have had our share of Good/Great Politician as President, Congressmen and Congress-women that talk the talk and never do walk the walk, but they put us Deeper and Deeper in Debt!

This is why the country is going to hell in a hand basket.

Good/Great Politicians know what to say at any given time to get elected on your dime, then spend your dollars on their “PORK-BELLY,” projects at your/our expense?


Her opponents call Hillary Clinton a Dynasty?

A dynasty is a sequence of rulers from the same family, usually in the context of a feudal or monarchical system but sometimes also appearing in elective republics, not un-like the Bush Family?

As far as I know the only other Clinton that was in the office of the president in this or any other country was also the only person in this country to balance the budget with a lot of surplus left over and did so with an opposing congress?

If that was a Dynasty, I am looking forward to 8 years of another Clinton Dynasty!

Long before Bernie Sanders became a Mayor in Vermont, Hillary Clinton (Hillary Diane Rodham )was already making a name for herself as a hard worker for the country!

So many of the people “Democrats” from all races, genders and so on,  had been falling all over President Obama, who  are now dumping on Hillary, why?

Could it be that she is a hard-working, for the people, ‘White Female’ and this country still thinks that it is not ready for a Female President, good hard lover of the country worker of not?

Remember, while President Barack Obama was still running around as a baby in Hawaii, nothing wrong with this, Hillary was already studying on how to serve the country!

She has hurt not one of you and yet you turn your backs on her?

So, my guess in Florida is that other than jealousy, you found something else?

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