Are you being shorted at the pump?

Action 9: Are you being shorted at the pump?


A Titusville woman claims a gas station kept shorting her, and Action 9 found that could be happening at dozens of stations.

There was nothing routine about a fill-up at the Kangaroo gas station by Nicole Thompson’s house. As soon as Thompson swiped her credit card, it showed a 13-cent sale.

“And I haven’t even put the nozzle in the car,” she said.

When Thompson returned, she had her camera ready and was able to capture the meter running again before the gas was started. That time, it was just pennies, yet Thompson wondered if she ever got a full gallon.

She tried to complain.

“They said they would have a manager talk to me, and they didn’t,” said Thompson.

Believe this if you will?

Florida officials are taking great care of Floridians?


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