Tahtonka is not qualified for the job

Liesa Priddy/Nick Wiley Wildlife Protectors-RIGHT!

These two, Governor Scott and the rest of these grew have sentences our peace loving bears to death and are now trying the same slick tricks on our beloved Florida Panthers!

Thinking back a couple of years, they first started talking about a few Black Bears killings just like what they are doing now to our panthers and when the public screamed they backed off for a little.

This, of course got the attention of the NRA and those rich hunters around the state, country and the world, a great plan if one is money hungry enough?

Next came a feeble attempt at stopping the bear feeding public, people leaving food out all night and lazy people not protecting their trash containers, this included companies that drop containers at all businesses in Florida and lazy people not closing doors on those containers!

Today is the second time this Governor Scott planted committee member, that had also planted a ranch on our beloved Florida Panthers Reserve, has tried killing off our beloved panthers.

Liesa Priddy has tried to get hunting on our Panthers several times even though she and her rancher neighbors have killed or run off the panthers main food source, the Florida Deer!

Remember this is the very same moves made on our beloved Florida Black Bears by Nick Wiley, a person that we pay to help protect our endangered wildlife?

This group has sold all of our Florida Black Bears food source and sold permits to kill off our Florida Deer.

Now they complain because wildlife is coming around looking for anything else to eat.

Florida Panther Permit


Wiley’s Whims! Posted on July 22, 2015

Lately, it appears that Nick Wiley is having a turn of the mind, or rethinking many things, including, Panthers, Black Bears, to hunt or not to hunt and the true core meaning of the agency that he is the head of,  the  FWC,  or Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Just three short years ago, this same man swore on the phone, after called raising hell over the 8 Black Bears that had been killed in Orlando when stupid people, did stupid things,

stating that they would never be hunted!

He has recently had secret meetings without other consul, other than that of a South Florida Rancher named Liesa Priddy, who was appointed to the Commission by Governor Scott in 2012 for the usual 5 year term, and together they decided that a new plan should be put in place for what until now has been the most critically Endangered Mammal in the country and who also happens to be our State Mammal, the Florida Panther.


Thank-you to Walking with the alligators Donna for much of this information.

I would like to see a petition for the removal of both Wiley and Priddy and replace one or both with Tahtonka.

However, she would never run, stating that she has no qualifications for protecting Florida Wildlife, endangered species, fish, plants and animals?










Trust No One



Show me anyone in Florida, the country and dare I say, the world more qualified for this job?


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