Governor Rick Scotts “Secret?”

What is Governor Rick Scotts newest “Secret?”

We will all find out today on the 5PM news wftv Dish network channel 9 Orlando, not sure what the number is on cable?


Governor Rick Scott is coursing Florida tax payers thousands of our tax dollars while fighting to keep secrets from the public?

Is this really why we are paying him to run our state and our money?

You must know by now that this is not his first secret that we must pay for!

Rick Scott attends secret Koch brothers meeting in Colorado June 28, 2011

Judge orders Fla. Gov. Rick Scott to stop fighting request for records September 5, 2014

Rick Scott is fighting in California courts to keep his Gmail account secret October 6, 2014

Gov. Rick Scott’s staff kept records secret for mansion project August 27, 2014 7:19pm

The Governor of Florida Really Wants to Keep His Email Secret October 7, 2014

Just to name a few!

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