Sinkhole opens up in Altamonte Springs complex gallery

Florida has a long dry spell and a heavy rainy season this plus humans using far too much water to keep the surface ground from collapsing, thousands of golf courses, hundreds of bottle water, soda and beer companies pulling millions of gallon a day from an already depleting aquifer!

What is a sinkhole?

No matter how you look at this, one and one still equals two!

After this one now some of our weather people are also saying that because of our weather lately, heavy rain for a number of days and drought for a number of days it causes a void under our top soil.

Correct and this is just what I have been talking about since 1999.

On days that we have prolong droughts the water hogging millions of golf courses and thousands of bottling companies pumping millions of gallons of water at exactly like the heavy rains, hence a SINKHOLE?

Sinkholes often start when bedrock dissolves but the surface of the ground stays intact. The void eventually collapses.

Sinkhole opens up in Altamonte Springs complex


Residents were forced to evacuate Monday when a sinkhole opened up in their Altamonte Springs condominium complex.

The sinkhole opened up Sunday at the Oasis at Pearl Lake condo complex on Alden Parkway, officials said.

Engineers have been monitoring the 10-foot-deep hole.

Officials said Altamonte Springs police helped them evacuate the six affected units.

Some residents said they have moved all of their belonging from their units.

“They were concerned for the structure of the building so we went ahead and got our stuff out last night. It could get bigger at any time,” resident Robert Rapalje said.

Complex managers said they are working on a plan to assist residents with relocation expenses.

“We want to make sure that everything is good for you to go back in the building. We have to be safe,” said leasing manager Michael Hatton.

Caution tape was placed around the hole by Altamonte Springs police to prevent anyone from falling in.

“It’s unsettling. It’s Florida. It can happen, but I’m just glad nobody got hurt. I’m glad we go a chance to get our stuff out,” said Rapalje.


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