And Governor Ricks Secret is?

As Florida Governor Rick Scotts loves to say,

“After all its your money!”

Among other things, Scott wanted one of his companies to drill for oil in an Environmentally protected strip of land

next to one of his mansions in Florida, in fact he passes a law to make it so!

We the people, minus his puppets, took him to court to stop his onslaught of our protected land.

He, as governor, has and will not pay a penny in court cost, we the taxpayers are footing the bill to the tune of $700,000, plus $55,000, plus, In both cases, not only were settlements reached using tax dollars, but attorney’s fees were also paid using tax dollars.

The governor paid $165,000 and $139,000 for outside council in the two cases; with cabinet members paying another $225,000 according to documents posted online. Because of media attention, Scott’s office has started posting open records requests on its website. Figures for payouts are detailed in a series of requests from media outlets across the state.

“If there is no punishment, if the person responsible doesn’t pay the fine then there is no deterrent, no reason to think the person won’t do the same thing in the future,” says Foglesong.

Well now aren’t you proud of yourself for voting him into office, TWICE!

“And what on earth is all of this garbage about Hillary Clintons Email, why not the Bushes and our governor also?


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