The corruption continues in Florida!

Is this what we or any wildlife loving human would want on a committee paid and charged with the protection of our neighbors in Florida or any place else?

Well this is the type of ‘people’ that Florida’s Governor  Rick Scott is stacking the deck with, in our state!

Robert Spottswood, a wealthy hotel builder and attorney from Key West

I would like to be a fly on the wall with a camera when this person must vote between his pocketbook (building hotels and such) and saving a species?

Spottswood has contributed money to politicians of both parties,

including $10,000 to the governor’s Let’s Get to Work Committee in 2013.

He also is one of Scott’s appointees to the Commission on Health Care and Hospital Funding.

Attorney Robert Spottswood from Key West

Spottswood Companies has been responsible for the development of

the Hyatt Vacation Club,

Hyatt Sunset Harbor Resort,

Hyatt Beach House Resort,

Hyatt Windward Pointe Resort,

Beachside Resort & Conference Center,

Faro Blanco Resort & Yacht Club,

The Islander,

Holiday Inn Florida Keys,

Days Inn Key West,

Holiday Inn Key West,

Comfort Inn Key West

and the

Radisson Hotel Key West.

Today, Spottswood Companies is one of the Keys’ largest private employers.

Mr. Spottswood is an attorney, certified public accountant and licensed real estate broker.

With this I rest my case for our Wildlife, my friends/followers! 😦


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