Governor Rick Scott seems to think that he can “Grandfather in” (grandfather clause) a new law

The cost to Florida taxpayers to defend Gov. Rick Scott is growing.

And yet,


Why is that do you suppose?

Governor Rick Scott seems to  think that he can “Grandfather in” (grandfather clause)



If a business is begun under one set of laws it has an expectation that the law will continue. If the law changes the precedent in which the business operates they may continue “breaking the new law”

by operating under a grandfather clause (legally).

All future businesses of the same industry would be subject to the laws on the books at the start of their new business.

Governor, this has nothing to do with what you are doing with our tax money!

What you are doing is against the law.

As part of the fight over the land, it was alleged that

members of the governor’s staff had set up and use private emails to conduct state business with the intention of keeping their work out of the public eye,

a violation of the state’s sunshine laws.

Earlier this summer, the governor and members of the Florida Cabinet paid $55,000 to settle a case over open meetings violations stemming from the firing of FDLE Chief Gerald Bailey.

In both cases, not only were settlements reached using tax dollars, but attorney’s fees were also paid using tax dollars.

WFTV political analyst Rick Foglesong. “The Governor violates the law and then he adds insult to injury by using the public treasury to pay the fine as if the treasury is his own political piggybank.”

The governor paid $165,000 and $139,000 for outside council in the two cases; with cabinet members paying another $225,000 according to documents posted online.

Because of media attention, Scott’s office has started posting open records requests on its website.

Figures for payouts are detailed in a series of requests from media outlets across the state.

“If there is no punishment, if the person responsible doesn’t pay the fine then there is no deterrent, no reason to think the person won’t do the same thing in the future,” says Foglesong.

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