Where’s the Money?


Power Ball to at least Three Hundred Million Dollars ($300,000,000.00)

to the Winner.


How much money does each state get and where in God’s name does it all go?

If you ask this question you will get many answers like, it should go to schools, education, environmental protection, and other projects earmarked to receive lottery proceeds.

Have any of my followers seen this much improvement, if any at all in our, Education system or the Environment?


So where does it all go


who is in charge of the,

Where it does go,?

What percent of the power ball money goes to Florida?

In 2012, Florida was the third-ranked state in yearly lottery revenue with $4.45 billion!

revenue passed $5 billion in fiscal year 2013!

Florida passed the legislation to enact the lottery in 1986 by a two to one ratio!


I cannot see where it has been going to roads, bridges and highways, education or the environmental areas?


Florida, your children are still flunking out of school

while your government officials are busy

dragging they pockets full of your money

all the way to their bank!

Your government officials are hiring themselves, at your expense in the making of yet another floored test!

Now we find that the government officials are reviewing their own testing an calling it a “Valid program?

Florida is spending your tax money to review themselves?

$600,000.00 on this one review, One Review!

Florida Government spending is just like Chickenpox.

The government official from the newest hired person all the way “Down to” the Governor,

is spending our/your tax so foolishly that you our voters have become immune to this illegal waste!

Florida F.S.A. Testing

Florida Standards Assessments

The Florida Department of Education announced on Tuesday that a validity study of the test has deemed it reliable and an accurate measure of whether students have mastered the Florida Standards.


Why did it cost $600,000.00 for another review of this test?

Children are given the Chickenpox vaccination to become immune to the Chickenpox.


Years later as adults many come down with Shingles.



Test Review Raises Questions About Florida Standards Assessments Results


Florida F.S.A. Testing

Florida Standards Assessments

Why did it cost $600,000 for another review of this test?





Florida is Number One!

Florida is once again Number One!

 Tell me again why people move to Florida?

A report today by Jamie Homes on WFTV Channel 9 news.

Florida rated number 1 in Homelessness, .

Number 1 in jobs that pay less than $25,000.

This state is #1 in Shark Bites.

#1 in Jellyfish stings.

#1 in Rip Tide deaths.

#1 in Fire-Ant bites.

#1 in Homelessness.

#1 in Jobs that pay less than $25,000.

It can’t be blamed on our tourist economy because other tourist economy


have higher tourist economy  across the country?

And our governor, the problem, is on his way using our tax money, to Kentucky to get even more lowest paying jobs to our state?

Mind you he already drew a BLANK in the three past state attempts!

Orlando has the lowest minimum wage in all of the cities in the country.

Peak Tourism Season in Florida is the 1st Quarter of the year!

Off-Pear is the rest of the year1

Spotlight with Greg Warmoth this Sunday the 27th at 12:30PM


Eric Ray Community Food and Outreach Center Executive Director

It can’t be blamed on our tourist economy because other tourist economy

ALL have highest across the country?

Low wage jobs have been a big part of the so-called recovery.




How much does the Average American Make? Breaking Down the U.S. Household Income Numbers.


Obamacare Enrollment Triggers Drop In The Uninsured Rate

The percentage of Americans without health insurance dropped by nearly three percentage points between 2013 and 2014, according the U.S. Census Bureau, from 13.3 to 10.4 percent.

Put another way, 8.8 million more people were insured in 2014 than the year before.

Census officials, point out that a different annual survey that has asked health insurance questions consistently show this to be the biggest drop in the uninsured since at least 2008.

Others say the sizable increase in Americans with insurance due in large part to the implementation of the federal health law is unprecedented since the creation of Medicare and Medicaid 50 years ago.


Can you just image how many more people would now be working if congress actually worked with our president on everything pertaining to progress instead of fighting tooth and nails on everything helpful to the country?

An answer to a foolish Republican


And she wants to become the first Republican President?

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called on Thursday for the creation of a high-level commission to examine U.S. defense spending.

Speaking at a town hall-style campaign appearance in New Hampshire, Clinton said: “I think we are overdue for a very thorough debate in our country about what we need, and how we are going to pay for it.”

She added: “Very often, leadership of the Defense Department wants to eliminate certain spending, or wants to change it, and they’re stopped by the Congress.”


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on Thursday the Obama administration’s decision on whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline oil pipeline was overdue and she “can’t wait too much longer” to say where she stands on the issue.

The White House said last month the U.S. State Department continued to review TransCanada Corp’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline from Canada’s oil sands to Gulf Coast refineries.

“I worked in the administration, I started the process that was supposed to lead to a decision, I can’t wait too much longer and I’m putting the white House on notice. I’m going to tell you what I think soon, because I can’t wait,” Clinton told a town hall-style campaign event in New Hampshire.

Clinton, the former secretary of state, has not stated whether she favors approval of the pipeline.


Sheriff Wayne Ivey two police officers arrested in Brevard county Florida

This is one of the reasons for much of the confusion daily on the campaign trail,

(a misquote by our reporters!)


The reason why I clog up my main blog so often writing the truth to you, my followers?

A police officer cannot prosecute in the court of law even though we in Florida know too well that my four choices will do a much better job than any of our prosecutors!

On the news all day was the report on the prostitution raid and the shooting of the police officer days earlier.

The reporter, Jeff Levkulich, stated in each report that Sheriff Wayne Ivey is going to prosecute the two officers to the fullest extent of the law?

When in fact what Sheriff Wayne Ivey said was

that he was going to ask the prosecuting attorney to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law!

Because, as with 98% of the people now fighting to be the next president,

a police officer, as with a president, cannot do other peoples jobs for them?

This alone does not sound all that serious, until to start to really listen to the person that you are planning on voting for?

If you forgot your U.S. History you could start to believe in so many half (1/2) Quotes by your candidate?

Sheriff Wayne Ivey, tied for 1st place in my heart as the best officer that I have seen in many years.

The other one should come as no surprise to Floridians?

Police Chief Michael Chitwood!


Sheriff Wayne Ivey two police officers arrested in Brevard county Florida by Jeff Levkulich Eyewitness News 9


Ivey said the two deputies, who were not identified, were terminated when the ongoing prostitution investigation found their names.

Ivey repeatedly called the two deputies knuckleheads, saying they had disgraced the uniform and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. He said he has asked the state attorney to prosecute the two as much as the law allows.

BINGO, found the truck!

Yellow paint line mistake causes confusion for Beach-line drivers

Posted: 4:29 p.m. Friday, Sept. 11, 2015


A paint truck left a mess on one of Orange County’s busiest roads and Channel 9’s Racquel Asa learned it is causing confusion for drivers.

The truck dropped yellow paint for nearly two miles along Narcoossee Road onto the Beachline.

Drivers cut across three lanes of traffic to get on the 528, and when the driver gets there, the paint doesn’t get any better.

It goes for about a mile-and-a-half before it ends on the shoulder, where it looks like the driver of the paint truck realized what was happening.

Asa showed the accidental paint job to drivers, who said it creates confusion, especially for those who don’t live in the area

They said a driver might think it’s two lanes, but two cars side-by-side could end up in the same lane, causing an accident.

Asa brought it to the attention of the Expressway Authority and to the Florida Department of Transportation, since they own State Road 528 and part of Narcoossee Road.

They said the person who left the line should be responsible for cleaning up the mess.

But unless the driver comes forward or someone saw it happen, it’ll be hard to track down who left it.

Since it was brought to their attention, they’re now coordinating efforts to get it cleaned up before it becomes a bigger problem.

“I think they should take it out if it’s not for turning purposes. I don’t think it should be there,” said driver Arnetta Fowlks.

F-DOT officials said the contractor will water blast the paint Sunday night when traffic is light, so drivers won’t be affected too much by the cleanup.

F-DOT and the Expressway Authority couldn’t estimate how much it would cost to clean up the paint.

This is very confusing to figure out as to what company leaked the “Yellow Paint?

If you happen to have the brains of a Gnat!


It just so happens that we traveled parts of Narcoossee Road on our way from the V.A. yesterday.

As we passed we only saw one truck at the construction site for painting road lines?

So, by process of elimination, start at the beginning of the leaky line and look for

the company at the construction site painting the lines?

BINGO, found the truck!