Florida Gov. is heading to Kentucky in push to lure jobs

How many Florida jobs did Governor Rick Scott get from Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, New York, and Connecticut and at what cost to the taxpayers?


The only jobs he is going to get, if any, are low-paying, no benefit service jobs!


Posted: 11:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 31, 2015

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is heading to another state led by a Democratic governor as part of his push to lure jobs to the Sunshine State.

Scott announced Monday that he will be traveling to Kentucky in September for a domestic economic development mission.

During his inaugural address in January, Scott said he would visit several states in an effort to persuade businesses to relocate.

Scott in a statement contended that Florida’s business climate is better than the one in Kentucky.

He said that Kentucky has “pro-union big government” policies that hinder business development.

He said he plans to meet with business owners in that state during his visit.

Scott’s trips so far have been only to states run by Democratic governors.

His previous trips this year include stops in Pennsylvania, California and Connecticut.


Florida Governor Rick Scott is in Connecticut to lure businesses


Fla. governor tries to lure Pa. businesses


Florida Gov. Rick Scott visits California to lure away businesses


Florida Governor Rick Scott Makes Big Promises At Start Of Second Term

Florida governor Rick Scott began his second term Tuesday with a promise to expand the state’s ports and highway systems, cut $1 billion in taxes and improve education, in an aggressive campaign he said was aimed at overtaking Texas as the nation’s top producer of new jobs.


Governor Rick Scott has two more ways to waste our tax money if he keeps his re-election promise?

Head to New York in push to lure jobs?

Head to Illinois in push to lure jobs?

This is just what Floridians need, more low paying jobs without benefits!

This way we can keep working 2 or 3 jobs each week

in order to not go on Welfare, food stamps and hand outs?


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