This is not “Political, this is EMAIL Perjury

The Egg’s are still cooking?

This is not “Political, this is Perjury in an Email by a politician!”

Florida governor orders inspections of Planned Parenthoods

Associated Press July 29, 2015 4:47 PM

Scott says it’s against the law for any organizations to sell body parts.

The Republican governor said the state will take quick legal and regulatory action against any of the 16 facilities found in violation.

Planned Parenthood says it receives only reimbursements for costs of providing tissue donated by women.


Politico FL:

Scott Administration Scrubbed Statement Clearing Florida Planned Parenthood Clinics

By Lynn Hatter • 14 hours ago 09/03/2015

An investigation by Politico Florida shows Governor Rick Scott’s administration altered a statement to falsely claim one planned parenthood facility failed to properly log fetal remains. In early August, the Agency for Healthcare Administration released a report accusing four clinics of wrongdoing.


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