BINGO, found the truck!

Yellow paint line mistake causes confusion for Beach-line drivers

Posted: 4:29 p.m. Friday, Sept. 11, 2015


A paint truck left a mess on one of Orange County’s busiest roads and Channel 9’s Racquel Asa learned it is causing confusion for drivers.

The truck dropped yellow paint for nearly two miles along Narcoossee Road onto the Beachline.

Drivers cut across three lanes of traffic to get on the 528, and when the driver gets there, the paint doesn’t get any better.

It goes for about a mile-and-a-half before it ends on the shoulder, where it looks like the driver of the paint truck realized what was happening.

Asa showed the accidental paint job to drivers, who said it creates confusion, especially for those who don’t live in the area

They said a driver might think it’s two lanes, but two cars side-by-side could end up in the same lane, causing an accident.

Asa brought it to the attention of the Expressway Authority and to the Florida Department of Transportation, since they own State Road 528 and part of Narcoossee Road.

They said the person who left the line should be responsible for cleaning up the mess.

But unless the driver comes forward or someone saw it happen, it’ll be hard to track down who left it.

Since it was brought to their attention, they’re now coordinating efforts to get it cleaned up before it becomes a bigger problem.

“I think they should take it out if it’s not for turning purposes. I don’t think it should be there,” said driver Arnetta Fowlks.

F-DOT officials said the contractor will water blast the paint Sunday night when traffic is light, so drivers won’t be affected too much by the cleanup.

F-DOT and the Expressway Authority couldn’t estimate how much it would cost to clean up the paint.

This is very confusing to figure out as to what company leaked the “Yellow Paint?

If you happen to have the brains of a Gnat!

It just so happens that we traveled parts of Narcoossee Road on our way from the V.A. yesterday.

As we passed we only saw one truck at the construction site for painting road lines?

So, by process of elimination, start at the beginning of the leaky line and look for

the company at the construction site painting the lines?

BINGO, found the truck!

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