Orange County Mayor and council hard at work?


You all know the old sayin?


I am proud of WFTV Channel 9 News because they seem to be trying hard to keep on top of things going on in their area!

Wish we could say the same about ‘Any government official in the state!

Channel 9 news reporters have been trying to contact the mayor’s office to no avail!

Florida Government Officials,

“Where are you?”

And what is this “Under Fire?”


A storage facility is under fire for allegedly opening its units to mechanic shops without proper permits.

Channel 9 learned Orange County sheriff’s deputies are called to Fairview Mini Storage almost daily, and the business’s code violations are now reaching $82,000, a result of $250-a-day fines over the past year.

County officials said they’re planning to place a lien on the property.

I say, about time is has been only at least a years, some reporting at least two years?

How long does it take to process a ‘Lien’ in Florida?

The state’s Department of Environmental Protection has also been watching the property, saying they’ve found contamination in the soil and they believe the unlicensed businesses are contributing to it.

The county took samples last summer that revealed high levels of petroleum hydrocarbons, arsenic and lead.

“It causes cancer”.

“It causes neuro problems,”

said Tina Debeaux, who works at the nearby Lake Fairview Marina.

“We have a lot of people that swim in the lake.

There’s a lot of children.”

The state has not yet issued any fines, because the property owner has hired a contractor for cleanup.

Right now, state workers are assessing the entire scope of the contamination.

For Two Years?

When Channel 9’s Janine Reyes went to the facility, auto shop signs could be seen lining the storage units, with some business owners saying they’re licensed.

Others said they’re just renting the space to fix their own cars.

“I don’t have to be licensed to do this on my car,” one person said.

Since last summer, Code Enforcement officers found “many business here do not have a permit.”

On Oct. 24, officers noted “the property (is) still out of compliance.”

A special magistrate judge found Fairview Mini Storage guilty and fined it $250 a day for numerous violations.

“We still have today the same code violations that were presented to that magistrate on Sept. 8, 2014. A year ago. A year ago — it hasn’t changed,” said neighbor Joe Fontana.

Fontana said he worries businesses operating below the radar could create safety hazards.

“We have businesses operating here with explosive liquids, gasoline, diesel fuel,” he said. “There are no fire sprinkler systems in any of those units to suppress.”

Fontana also blames unlicensed business transactions on increased crime. On Tuesday, officers responded to a shooting that started with a dispute over a car.

“The shooting was expected. It should have been expected. Our county leaders should have expected that event taking place,” Fontana said.

Members of Fontana’s condo association showed Channel 9 several emails they’ve sent to the county asking it to take action.


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