Sheriff Wayne Ivey two police officers arrested in Brevard county Florida

This is one of the reasons for much of the confusion daily on the campaign trail,

(a misquote by our reporters!)


The reason why I clog up my main blog so often writing the truth to you, my followers?

A police officer cannot prosecute in the court of law even though we in Florida know too well that my four choices will do a much better job than any of our prosecutors!

On the news all day was the report on the prostitution raid and the shooting of the police officer days earlier.

The reporter, Jeff Levkulich, stated in each report that Sheriff Wayne Ivey is going to prosecute the two officers to the fullest extent of the law?

When in fact what Sheriff Wayne Ivey said was

that he was going to ask the prosecuting attorney to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law!

Because, as with 98% of the people now fighting to be the next president,

a police officer, as with a president, cannot do other peoples jobs for them?

This alone does not sound all that serious, until to start to really listen to the person that you are planning on voting for?

If you forgot your U.S. History you could start to believe in so many half (1/2) Quotes by your candidate?

Sheriff Wayne Ivey, tied for 1st place in my heart as the best officer that I have seen in many years.

The other one should come as no surprise to Floridians?

Police Chief Michael Chitwood!

Sheriff Wayne Ivey two police officers arrested in Brevard county Florida by Jeff Levkulich Eyewitness News 9

Ivey said the two deputies, who were not identified, were terminated when the ongoing prostitution investigation found their names.

Ivey repeatedly called the two deputies knuckleheads, saying they had disgraced the uniform and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. He said he has asked the state attorney to prosecute the two as much as the law allows.


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