Florida, your children are still flunking out of school

while your government officials are busy

dragging they pockets full of your money

all the way to their bank!

Your government officials are hiring themselves, at your expense in the making of yet another floored test!

Now we find that the government officials are reviewing their own testing an calling it a “Valid program?

Florida is spending your tax money to review themselves?

$600,000.00 on this one review, One Review!

Florida Government spending is just like Chickenpox.

The government official from the newest hired person all the way “Down to” the Governor,

is spending our/your tax so foolishly that you our voters have become immune to this illegal waste!

Florida F.S.A. Testing

Florida Standards Assessments

The Florida Department of Education announced on Tuesday that a validity study of the test has deemed it reliable and an accurate measure of whether students have mastered the Florida Standards.


Why did it cost $600,000.00 for another review of this test?

Children are given the Chickenpox vaccination to become immune to the Chickenpox.


Years later as adults many come down with Shingles.



Test Review Raises Questions About Florida Standards Assessments Results


Florida F.S.A. Testing

Florida Standards Assessments

Why did it cost $600,000 for another review of this test?







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