Where’s the Money?


Power Ball to at least Three Hundred Million Dollars ($300,000,000.00)

to the Winner.


How much money does each state get and where in God’s name does it all go?

If you ask this question you will get many answers like, it should go to schools, education, environmental protection, and other projects earmarked to receive lottery proceeds.

Have any of my followers seen this much improvement, if any at all in our, Education system or the Environment?


So where does it all go


who is in charge of the,

Where it does go,?

What percent of the power ball money goes to Florida?

In 2012, Florida was the third-ranked state in yearly lottery revenue with $4.45 billion!

revenue passed $5 billion in fiscal year 2013!

Florida passed the legislation to enact the lottery in 1986 by a two to one ratio!


I cannot see where it has been going to roads, bridges and highways, education or the environmental areas?


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