Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer

The mayors political manager is missing the big picture this election?

Mayor Dyer is in a tight race in this election from an opponent that is more then a little on the races side of political ads, showing what could be women a little on the heavy side?


Mayor John Hugh “Buddy” Dyer has been the mayor of Orlando since February 25, 2003

Assumed office (March 1, 2003) and before that a member of the Florida Senate from the 14th district

In office 1992–2002.

And he is a Democrat in a Republican Controlled State!

He should be elected ‘King of the World’ because he must be doing a very good job?

Then we have a vacationing mayor of Orange County?

Looks like this Mayor needs another Vacation?

Assumed office January 4, 2011 Born Baltimore, Maryland Political party Republican.

Mayor Teresa Jacobs – Orange County, Florida going to Utah for homeless information?



Well, is she taking her whole staff with her again?

Remember her past trips?

Hey Mayor, if you really wish to learn how to help your Orange County Florida Homeless?

Ask your Orange County Florida Homeless!

Your Orange County Florida Taxpayers cannot afford another of your expensive excursions.

Bear Hunt Lie # 2

Lie definition, a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive;

an intentional untruth; a falsehood!

Nick Wiley’s latest bold in your face lie!

Elusive Bears!

On day one!

180 bear kills in just two places NICK!

The Ocala National Forest in Marion County

99 bears killed in Central Florida

81 bears killed across the Florida Panhandle

207 bears killed on the first day!

Greg Workman Florida wildlife commissioner said, “It is an Honor System!”

RIGHT and of course the 3,000 plus hunters never lie?

So far today killing is ended in the Panhandle and central Florida


“0” bears killed in South Florida the land of the rich and famous?

At the Ocala WMA North Hunt check station, one of 33 bear check stations around the state.

A Fish & Wildlife Commissioner that voted for the ‘bear killing’ is

living on a 9,300 acres ranch of

Fenced in “Bear Food!”

Wild grasses, saw palmetto,

cypress swamp, and Sabal Palms that span both sides of

Highway 29.


Saw Palmetto berries



Lindsay shot the bear with an AR-15, a semiautomatic rifle that resembles a military-style M-16.

Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Aliese Priddy personally takes care of some cattle on her 9,300-acre ranch in Collier County.


Photo by Deirdra Funcheon

Aliese “Liesa” Priddy shakes a bag of feed onto the sandy soil behind a stable on her J.B. Ranch in Immokalee —

9,300 acres of wild grasses, saw palmetto, cypress swamp, and sabal palms that span both sides of Highway 29.

But on this 91-degree day in late September, 18 heifers are too lazy or too pregnant to care much.

The Brangus cattle — a cross between Brahman, a breed that tolerates high heat, and Angus, which produces high-grade beef — are all due to give birth in three weeks. They flick their tails and lazily pick at the ground.


Today I can now talk to you about (insurance companies)

I have an inside track on the better insurance play to date!

No Fault insurance stinks if you are the innocent victim!


It would now seem that all of the bills from that so long ago March 31st 2015 accident are paid unless Allstate is still hiding a few more kickers?

The police officer at the accident did ticket him as the fault driver, the court system found him guilty and his insurance company (ALLSTATE) has been fighting our family each and every day with half truths and downright lies ever since!

I really hate to say this but it might be better, even though we have no use for ambulance chasers, to get an attorney to fight the lower then life insurance companies the likes of this one, if you live in a no fault state!

My insurance company (Geico’s) paid as the bills came in.

His insurance company paid only when forced to do so.

However, bet you cannot guess who was the best at paying my doctor/hospital bills?

The insurance company that the politicians are always slamming and doctors and hospitals stick their noses up at while you are looking for their help?



You are reading this correctly, Medicare was the first to pay the hospital/doctor bill so quickly that I call to see if it was a scammer?

I was told that it pays so that your life, already upset, will be a little easier.

She, the person on the phone also said, “Don’t worry we will collect from the insurance companies!”

Somehow even though the hospital never sent out a bill, because I called the billing department, some scammer from Kentucky was trying to get me to pay the complete amount to them?

You must always be on your toes and trust no one!

I love my V.A. Healthcare program however, even I sometime get jealous of the good help that I am hearing from people with good healthcare plans from Medicare supplemental companies.

Can you just imagine if the members of congress finely started doing the job that we are paying them to do and actually care about the people paying their salaries, while they are caring for themselves?

And help to perfect, the Affordable Healthcare program (Obama Cares) that Hillary and Bill Clinton started?

Governor Rick Scotts Secret Award

What’s wrong with this picture?

Florida Gov. Rick Scott received a prestigious Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Leadership Award?

By a “Secret group of people”

(1)- Bethune-Cookman University is Predominantly an African American School (Black) if you will?

(2)- Memory time- Let us once again go back a little bit in time if you will?

The governor elections for January 4, 2011 and November 4, 2014?

Predominantly black voting districts in Florida were either shut down, harass or blocked by armed guards, plus people were challenged for a change in their ID’s!

Students, alumni protest as B-CU presents award to Gov. Rick Scott11:03 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015

11:03 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015


Florida Gov. Rick Scott received a prestigious award hundreds, more like thousands, of people didn’t want him to get.

On Wednesday, Scott and four others received the Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Leadership Award, which recognizes dedication to education and the community.

Absolutely nothing about the other four?

Many students and alumni were against giving the governor the award, named for the founder of Bethune-Cook man University..

“He is not someone who created laws in this state that align with the principles of communities of color,” said student Jasmine Burney.

Burney started an online petition aimed at preventing Scott from receiving award. She said 800 people signed that petition. Some of those who signed the petition protested at the Ocean Center.

“I’m perfectly fine with being an army of one or an army of four. Eight-hundred people signed the petition,” said Burney.

We are flying our Gator Flag today

Because this house is proud of each one of those youngsters and their love for the game.

Not one of them tried to shoot anyone?

Hear that Ex-Florida Defensive-Back Deiondre Porter!


Anyone watching those games can see that this coach is liked by the players.

Jim McElwain


Funny thing is that this team also liked and played their hearts out for the past coach also, mainly because most of them was recruited by the past coach?

You remember?

The one fired by some “Quick Draw Mcgraw!” from the school athletics department?

One of the, if not the, best Defensive coach in that division!

Dump him, not keep him to work with the ‘defense’!

Coach Will Muschamp.

Forest Gump had a quote for this department!

“Stupid is as Stupid does!”

He will be around to bite the team for many years.


Governor Rick Scott met secretly with

the “Mixed Breed Indian Casino”

to negotiate a new deal on gambling!


When will the voting public in Florida wise up to what is going on in Tallassee?

Seminole Tribe secretly meets with Rick Scott over blackjack!


If meeting on how to spend our tax money


how this state can make more money is above board,

“Why meet in secret?”

How many jobs did the working people in Florida receive from all of those ‘taxpayer paid trips’ to other states?

How many of Governors Rick Scotts ‘New Jobs’ are actually good paying jobs with benefits?

As long as we are talking, ‘Clean Sweep of the White House’ how about the same for state capitals?

If of all of the “Mixed Breed Indians” in Florida cannot have their own casino, why is it that this “Mixed Breed Seminole’s” can have their own casino?

Once again I take my Floridian friends and neighbors back in time to a posting,

The Great Nation of Seminoles?

January 19, 2014 / sachemspeaks


Not only are the Florida Casino Indians not really Florida Native Americans,

Most are not even descended from past Florida tribe of Indians

or even Indian,

so why the ‘Reservations’ and ‘casinos’?


You scratch my back I scratch yours!”

Living Well

I just came back from a class on P.C. Advance Directive Living Well

P.C. Advance Directive Living Well


Personal Care Surrogate

I had no clue of what I was getting into while on the way to the class and am now so glad that I did go!

If “God Forbid” this happens to you or yours are you prepared?

Every person in this and other countries should learn more and get it done!

Statue # 765 came after the Terri Schiavo, Governor Jeb Bush, Congress and President George W. Bush Case!

If you remember back to the 1990s?

Governor Jeb Bush, Congress and President George W. Bush put Terri’s husband and family through a living hell and the expense to boot for 14 horrible years, just to do the right thing for Terri Schiavo and the tens of thousands of Terri Schiavo before this case!

If seeing is believing please read the link below?

Terri Schiavo 1990 helped to change the laws in Florida for husband and family with this living well (Statue # 765) the final word!

The highly publicized and prolonged series of legal challenges presented by her parents, which ultimately involved state and federal politicians up to the level of President George W. Bush, caused a seven-year delay before Schiavo’s feeding tube was ultimately removed.

In all, the Schiavo case involved 14 appeals and numerous motions, petitions, and hearings in the Florida courts; five suits in federal district court; extensive political intervention at the levels of the Florida state legislature, then-governor Jeb Bush, the U.S. Congress, and President George W. Bush; and four denials of certiorari from the Supreme Court of the United States.[5


You just got to love the V.A