In Florida Swimmers and Surfers are being attacked a lot more than usual by Sharks, Why?

Well there are many reasons and Floridians are the cause of most if not all of those reasons.

People Fishing, both male and female, are fishing from a pair and the shore in the same area where people are swimming.

And the best place in Florida to surf is close to a pair and/or rough waters at a beach?

While fishing off pairs people throw cut bait and their leftover food into the water to attract fish, the sharks can smell this from miles away.

People are also Finning.

What is shark Finning?

Read for yourself!

Shark bites 14 year old surfer

Boy punches shark after being bitten while surfing off New Smyrna Beach

14-year-old undergoes surgery, according to his sister

In order to stop or at least slow down Shark Attacks

Florida government officials must update the laws governing fishing and Surfing.

Fishing people must have their own places to fish away from swimmers and surfers.

Surfers and swimmers must not swim or surf around fishing places!



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