When can you make a left turn?

Here’s when you can make a left turn on a red light

I can see a real problem, can you?

“This is Florida don’t ya know!”

Many Floridians cannot drive down a super highway without being on the wrong side of the road?

Many Floridians pass stopped school busses loading and unloading our children!

Many Floridians run over predestines and bikers and just keep driving!

Many Floridians do not stop as RED LIGHTS!

Many Floridians do not slow down to make ‘right turns’!

Many Floridians text, eat and talk on phones while driving!

And worse than that our politicians are doing everything that they can to squash any law protecting our good, safe, drivers!

Is it legal to make a left turn on a red light on a one-way street in Florida?

Some people make it, and others don’t.

I’m confused.

Yes, that’s absolutely allowed.

Only in certain situations, though.

“The law in Florida does allow for a driver to make a left turn onto a one-way street if you’re coming from a one-way street,”

said Sgt. Kim Montes, of the Florida Highway Patrol.

So, from one one-way street to another, Florida law states drivers are, in fact, able to turn left after yielding for pedestrians and other traffic.

“Therein lies the rub,” many Floridians do not yield to anyone or anything!

What about from a multi-directional street onto a one-way street?

You are NOT permitted to make that left turn.

“So, traffic coming toward you and you coming toward traffic, you are not allowed to make that left turn when the light is red,” Montes said.


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