Governor Rick Scott met secretly with

the “Mixed Breed Indian Casino”

to negotiate a new deal on gambling!

When will the voting public in Florida wise up to what is going on in Tallassee?

Seminole Tribe secretly meets with Rick Scott over blackjack!


If meeting on how to spend our tax money


how this state can make more money is above board,

“Why meet in secret?”

How many jobs did the working people in Florida receive from all of those ‘taxpayer paid trips’ to other states?

How many of Governors Rick Scotts ‘New Jobs’ are actually good paying jobs with benefits?

As long as we are talking, ‘Clean Sweep of the White House’ how about the same for state capitals?

If of all of the “Mixed Breed Indians” in Florida cannot have their own casino, why is it that this “Mixed Breed Seminole’s” can have their own casino?

Once again I take my Floridian friends and neighbors back in time to a posting,

The Great Nation of Seminoles?

January 19, 2014 / sachemspeaks

Not only are the Florida Casino Indians not really Florida Native Americans,

Most are not even descended from past Florida tribe of Indians

or even Indian,

so why the ‘Reservations’ and ‘casinos’?


You scratch my back I scratch yours!”



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