We are flying our Gator Flag today

Because this house is proud of each one of those youngsters and their love for the game.

Not one of them tried to shoot anyone?

Hear that Ex-Florida Defensive-Back Deiondre Porter!


Anyone watching those games can see that this coach is liked by the players.

Jim McElwain


Funny thing is that this team also liked and played their hearts out for the past coach also, mainly because most of them was recruited by the past coach?

You remember?

The one fired by some “Quick Draw Mcgraw!” from the school athletics department?

One of the, if not the, best Defensive coach in that division!

Dump him, not keep him to work with the ‘defense’!

Coach Will Muschamp.

Forest Gump had a quote for this department!

“Stupid is as Stupid does!”

He will be around to bite the team for many years.


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