Today I can now talk to you about (insurance companies)

I have an inside track on the better insurance play to date!

No Fault insurance stinks if you are the innocent victim!

It would now seem that all of the bills from that so long ago March 31st 2015 accident are paid unless Allstate is still hiding a few more kickers?

The police officer at the accident did ticket him as the fault driver, the court system found him guilty and his insurance company (ALLSTATE) has been fighting our family each and every day with half truths and downright lies ever since!

I really hate to say this but it might be better, even though we have no use for ambulance chasers, to get an attorney to fight the lower then life insurance companies the likes of this one, if you live in a no fault state!

My insurance company (Geico’s) paid as the bills came in.

His insurance company paid only when forced to do so.

However, bet you cannot guess who was the best at paying my doctor/hospital bills?

The insurance company that the politicians are always slamming and doctors and hospitals stick their noses up at while you are looking for their help?


You are reading this correctly, Medicare was the first to pay the hospital/doctor bill so quickly that I call to see if it was a scammer?

I was told that it pays so that your life, already upset, will be a little easier.

She, the person on the phone also said, “Don’t worry we will collect from the insurance companies!”

Somehow even though the hospital never sent out a bill, because I called the billing department, some scammer from Kentucky was trying to get me to pay the complete amount to them?

You must always be on your toes and trust no one!

I love my V.A. Healthcare program however, even I sometime get jealous of the good help that I am hearing from people with good healthcare plans from Medicare supplemental companies.

Can you just imagine if the members of congress finely started doing the job that we are paying them to do and actually care about the people paying their salaries, while they are caring for themselves?

And help to perfect, the Affordable Healthcare program (Obama Cares) that Hillary and Bill Clinton started?


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