Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer

The mayors political manager is missing the big picture this election?

Mayor Dyer is in a tight race in this election from an opponent that is more then a little on the races side of political ads, showing what could be women a little on the heavy side?


Mayor John Hugh “Buddy” Dyer has been the mayor of Orlando since February 25, 2003

Assumed office (March 1, 2003) and before that a member of the Florida Senate from the 14th district

In office 1992–2002.

And he is a Democrat in a Republican Controlled State!

He should be elected ‘King of the World’ because he must be doing a very good job?

Then we have a vacationing mayor of Orange County?

Looks like this Mayor needs another Vacation?

Assumed office January 4, 2011 Born Baltimore, Maryland Political party Republican.

Mayor Teresa Jacobs – Orange County, Florida going to Utah for homeless information?



Well, is she taking her whole staff with her again?

Remember her past trips?

Hey Mayor, if you really wish to learn how to help your Orange County Florida Homeless?

Ask your Orange County Florida Homeless!

Your Orange County Florida Taxpayers cannot afford another of your expensive excursions.


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