When does 2 become a winner over 60?

Christopher Heath WFTV News Reporting today at 6:00AM 11/30/2015

When it means big money in the pocketbooks of our governor

and his pets in congress!

This week city and county leaders around the state are fighting back against a plan that would give the state authority to regulate Fracking,

A drilling, polluting, way to look for oil, and gas under your property, our drinking water and protected land in Florida!

A new report shows that

20 counties and 40 cities across the state

and about 40% of the population,

are banning fracking!

However, two (2)!

Yes you are reading this correctly!

State lawmakers have proposed bills that would give lawmakers

full control over regulating the process!

You can lay down your bets today if you need some easy cash?

A sure wager if there ever was a sure wager!

Governor Rick Scott of Florida and his two pet congressmen,

whoever they are, will get this corrupt bill passed!

So that once again he and our Republican congress can fill their bank accounts with

“Super-Pack Money!”

I am sorry if my Republican friends and followers that don’t like this however, “if the truth hurts?”

Change your political party ?

Dump the crooked bums!

 “political correctness,”

(Hail, my leader!)


any supporters of

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

are drawn to him because they perceive him as

someone who speaks the truth.

Fed up with politicians subdued by the Washington establishment or by

“political correctness,”

they see Trump’s bluntness and seeming pragmatic attitude as refreshing.

But Trump is no truth-teller.

He is a demagogue in the classical Greek sense—a politician who appeals to people’s prejudices and impatience with democratic deliberation.

He does not speak the truth, but rather what a segment of the electorate wants to hear, flattery that simultaneously affirms both their perceived greatness and their victimhood.

That Trump is no straight-talker should have been obvious to anyone during the first Republican debate on August 6th.

How many other presidents or president hope-full’s gave you their “Hail Leader Salute?”



Trump is a whack-a-mole

(From the carnival / arcade game that involves hitting mechanical moles with a mallet as they pop up from their holes).


Leonard Pitts Jr. Published: Sunday, November 29, 2015

Trump is giving the people what they want

Even by his standards, it was an astounding performance.

Over the course of just two days last weekend, Donald Trump spewed bigotry, venom and absurdity like a sewer pipe, spewed it with such utter disregard for decency and factuality that it was difficult to know what to criticize first.

Shall we condemn him for retweeting a racist graphic on Sunday filled with wildly inaccurate statistics from a nonexistent source

(“Whites killed by blacks — 81 percent”)?

Or shall we hammer him for tacitly encouraging violence when an African-American protester was beaten up at a Trump rally in Birmingham on Saturday?

“Maybe he should have been roughed up,”

Trump told Fox “News.”

Shall we blast him for telling ABC on Sunday that he would bring back the thoroughly discredited practice of

waterboarding — i.e., torturing — suspected terrorists?

Or shall we lambaste him for claiming — falsely — at the Birmingham rally that

“thousands and thousands”

of people in Jersey City, N.J., applauded the Sept. 11 attacks

and reiterating it the next day, telling ABC that

“a heavy Arab population … were cheering.”

Trump is a whack-a-mole of the

(asinine and the repugnant).

Or, as a person dubbed “snarkin pie” noted on Twitter: “Basically, Trump is what would happen if the comments section became a human and ran for president.”

Not that that hurts his bid for the GOP nomination. A Washington Post/CNN poll finds Trump with a double-digit lead (32 percent to 22 percent) on his nearest rival, Ben Carson, who is his equal in nonsense, though not in volume. Meantime, establishment candidate Jeb Bush is on life support, mired in single digits.

And the party is panicking. In September, Bobby Jindal called Trump “a madman.” Two weeks ago came reports of an attempt to lure Mitt Romney into the race. Candidate Jim Gilmore and advisers to candidates Bush and Marco Rubio have dubbed Trump a fascist. Trump, complains the dwindling coven of grown-ups on the right, is doing serious damage to the Republican “brand.”

Which he is. But it is difficult to feel sorry for the GOP. After all, it has brought this upon itself.

Keeping the customer satisfied, giving the people what they want, is the fundament of sound business.

More effectively than anyone in recent memory, Trump has transferred that principle to politics.

Problem is, it turns out that what a large portion of the Republican faithful wants is racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, the validation of unrealistic fears and the promise of quick fixes to complex problems.

That’s hardly shocking.

This is what the party establishment has trained them to want, what it has fed them for years.

But it has done so in measured tones and coded language that preserved the fiction of deniability.

Trump’s innovation is his increasingly-apparent lack of interest in deniability.

Like other great demagogues — George Wallace, Joe McCarthy, Huey Long, Charles Coughlin — his appeal has been in the fact that he is blunt, unfiltered, anti-intellectual, full-throated and unapologetic.

And one in three Republicans are eating it up like candy.

Mind you, this is after the so-called 2013 “autopsy” wherein the GOP cautioned itself to turn from its angry, monoracial appeal.

Two years later, it doubles down on that appeal instead.

And though candidate Trump would be a disaster for the Republicans, he would also be one for the nation, effectively rendering ours a one-party system.

But maybe that’s the wake-up call some of us require to end this dangerous flirtation with extremism.

“You got to give the people what they want,” says an old song.

Truth is, sometimes it’s better if you don’t.

Leonard Pitts Jr. Published: Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pitts is a columnist for The Miami Herald. His email is

Finding answers to meet water demands in south Lake

Florida three ‘Water Management District’ have a plan?




What is it going to cost us?


We in Florida should have learned our lesson when Florida Government has a play?


Pay close attention all Floridians, Small Business Owners, Snowbirds, Visitors and Retirees!

(1)- This plan includes the constant restrictions on


“Only your water use!”

(2)- Also drilling into the filthy Lower Aquifer, now even polluted from sea water among many more unspeakable things!

(3)- Their simple minded thinking is only until 2035?


Why not do the right thing now, save money (All Taxpayers Money), save the environment and our drinking water?


(1)-Stop giving our drinking water away for free while collecting for your personal pocketbooks!

(2)- Also restrict the use of our drinking water to water thousands of golf courses or at least force them to a

‘just payment’ for their overuse?

This money can be used to build ‘Drinking Water Distilleries’!

(3)- Force all water, soda and beer making companies to also pay their ‘just payment for taking our drinking water’?

This money can be used to help build

‘Drinking Water Distilleries’!

News in Florida papers

Finding answers to meet water demands in south Lake

For the first time in history, the St. Johns River Water Management District, the South Florida Water Management District and the Southwest Florida Water Management District all have approved a regional water supply plan for Central Florida to ensure adequate water supply for the region through 2035.

The plan includes a combination of alternative water supply project options, expanded and efficient water reuse projects, and aggressive water conservation measures for cities and counties in the region, including south Lake.

Water experts have cautioned that south Lake has a little under five years to find an alternative water supply before withdrawals from the aquifer could begin impacting lakes, wetlands and springs.

In south Lake it is projected by 2035, there will be a need for an additional 12 to 15 million gallons per day.

Within the regional water supply plan are several projects in south Lake, which call for using “the lower Floridan aquifer” as a viable alternative water source.

Members of the South Lake Regional Water Initiative (SLRWI) — a coalition that includes the cities of Clermont, Groveland, Minneola, Mascotte, Montverde, the South Lake Chamber of Commerce, private utility companies and the county — have been working in conjunction with the Central Florida Water Initiative (CFWI) for the past five years to find an alternative water supply.

Local water experts and officials say several south Lake water initiatives, included in what is known as the CFWI water supply plan, are solidifying how south Lake will meet its growing demand for water in the future

“The approval of the CFWI gives legitimacy to the concept of our project,” said Alan Oyler, a consultant to the SLRWI. “We are going to continue to pursue it. What that means for us, is once we go through the permitting process, we will probably become eligible for state funding.”

Groveland Mayor Tim Loucks, who co-founded the SLRWI with Commissioner Sean Parks, said the plan is a “milestone initiative.”

“We have never had such a comprehensive direction to go in,” he said. “We are given a multitude of options to make sure we do have adequate water.”

But those same experts say there are still many hurdles to overcome in determining how much the withdrawals will impact the lakes, the lower aquifer’s sustainability, and the need to pass unified landscaping codes in all south Lake cities and the county, requiring Florida Friendly landscaping and limiting irrigation for landscapes.

“We have not done a model that shows our projected withdrawals from where our projected locations are,” Oyler said. “We know the additional withdraw from the Lower Floridan will likely have an impact on the springs. It does not have as much of an impact on lakes. That does not mean that lakes are not detrimentally impacted.”

Most of the water consumed by Floridians is drawn from the upper Floridan aquifer, a meandering reservoir that sits just below the surface of the earth.

Water experts say the upper aquifer cannot supply a growing state, including Central Florida, much longer, so many counties — Orange, Marion, Polk and Lake among them — are beginning to explore the lower aquifer deeper beneath the ground.

SLRWI officials have been looking for answers deeper underground in the largely untapped lower aquifer. With funding from the state, SLRWI officials conducted a study, which showed the lower aquifer is a viable water source in the future.

The lower aquifer is seen by many communities in Florida as the best hope for a cost-effective solution to the state’s approaching water shortage.

The CFWI report states the south Lake county wellfield project has the potential to supply 12.7 million gallons per day of water to the south region.

“Although the model does show impacts, producing water from the (lower aquifer) should reduce the potential for impacts when compared to using traditional (upper aquifer) sources,” the report stated.

Parks said adopting unified water conservation codes are critical to addressing water supply needs.

“We can’t keep developing the way we have been doing it in the past,” he said. “If we require new development to utilize non-potable sources for irrigation and conservation measures…, we will ensure there is enough affordable water for our residents and businesses without hurting our lakes and wetlands.”

Loucks said the biggest issue with the lower aquifer is whether it will be sustainable. If not, water could get more costly.

“The lower Floridan is the most economical for us to utilize right now,” he said. “Should it not be able to carry us through the 20-year projection, we have other sources to rely on.”

Those other sources include taking water from Yankee Lake and St. Johns River. But those options are more costly, Loucks said.


Finding answers to meet water demands in south Lake

A man is seen fishing off of his dock the sits off of Lake Minneola on Tuesday in Clermont.

A project to draw water from the lower aquifer to meet potable water demands has been approved by the Central Florida Water Initiative.

Bear Policy Discussion Seminole County

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda!


Leaving trash out COULD MEAN?

How long has this been going on?

If one of the richest counties in the state wanted the wildlife, bears and such, around their neighborhood and the rest of the counties in the state did not, this, Seminole County and the rest of the state would be over populated with wildlife, bears and such, it all depends on who is feeding the coffers (bank account) of our politicians!

The governor’s budget will allow for bear proof trash containers in Seminole County as long as all of the Floridians taxes pay for them!

Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015

Leaving trash out could mean fines for Seminole County residents in bear area.


Bears are always on the move in Seminole County, often found scrounging for food in trash cans.

A proposed county ordinance would mean that some Seminole County homeowners have to keep food scraps in the house or garage, or locked up in a bear-proof trash can.


“You’ve got to be very careful with your trash can.

Make sure it’s sealed. Just take care of that,” resident Pedro Rodriguez said.


The proposed ordinance would mean a fine of $100 a day for those who put trash out before 5 a.m. on collection day, or leaving their cans out after 8 p.m. Residents who have purchased bear-proof trash cans are exempt.

READ: Draft copy of bear ordinance

“It’s impossible to do it. We would get fined because sometimes we have to put the trash out the night before, and everyone puts their trash out the night before,” resident Barbara Hansla said.

Barbara Hansla and her husband, Carl Hansla, said their small dogs have made them more aware of bears.

“Just leave (the bear) alone and just let people have common sense. It’ll work,” Carl Hansla said.

After three bear attacks in Seminole County in the past two years, some residents said you can’t be too careful.

“Because we all live together, it should be that way,” Rodriguez said.

Residents said leaving turkey fryers and grills out can also attract bears.

The ordinance would also prohibit residents leaving pet food outside and would put restrictions on what kind of bird feeders can be in yards.

The ordinance would affect those living in the Urban Bear Management Area, an area of Seminole County where there is a high incidence of bears looking for food in trash containers. Commissioners will determine the boundaries of that area.

Commissioners are expected to take up the ordinance on Dec. 8.

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott’s 2016 budget


“Most of the Tax will go to?”

One of the things that is kind of sticking in my poor little mind is the,


This new budget that will be adding taxes to our homes!

Where do you suppose the rest of our new tax money is going

and how many of us even care?

Not counting the part of this new tax on your homes that will become a tax break for manufacturing buddies!

You remember, the people that helped, with money, to get him elected!


“Citizens United!”

How do I get you to care?

I do not know?

$80 Billion Dollar Budget.

How do I help you understand why I do not want this Florida government milking your bank- account?

I am OK with your not caring about your pocketbook,

unfortunately they are also emptying mine!

Just in case you don’t know?

Florida is just one on many states adding instead of subtracting!



79.3 and 12 zeroes


This monster of a new taxes is for education “because the government will no longer use the Lotto and gas tax money for education?”

So, where does this lotto and gas tax money go?

My guess is into this governments pet projects, as in their pocket books!

Link number two this morning 1 1/2 hour after the New Budget link!

You can now buy lotto tickets with your credit cards so where does this extra money go?

Lawmakers consider allowing lotto tickets be bought with credit cards


Transportation (Gas)

States attorney Jeff Aston to free Edward Frances

State attorney works to free ‘rehabilitated’ convicted murderer

Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015

You can read about this story here.

I want to write about the rest of the story?

If you have not been around Florida for a few years, or if you have and not been paying attention, let’s just take a trip back in time a little to enlighten you to a new trend in our crime system?


Jeff Ashton A Democrat,

lost the 2011 Casey Anthony trial

against a ‘Rookie Defense attorney Jose Baez’


was sworn in as a Florida state attorney in Orange and Osceola counties 2013

beating his ex-boss, long-term incumbent Lawson Lamar.

Lamar held his post for six consecutive terms.

Lawson Lamar also a Democrat,

Lawson Lamar made it a practice of bringing each accused murder and/or accused felony case to court and let the jury decide the fate of the defendant!

Because of this he lost his job?

On the other hand if you check the records, Jeff Aston, from day one, will only prosecute a case if he is 100% sure of a guilty verdict, the rest he will get the next time?

You can take this bet to the bank, Murder Edward Francis will go free.

State Attorney Jeff Ashton is asking a judge to release Francis, saying the convict has been appropriately punished and rehabilitated.

If a judge does agree to release Francis, Ashton is asking for him to be put on probation for five years.

“Prison is supposed to be punishment and rehabilitation,” Ashton said. “In this case it worked.”

However, it took 20 years to work?

Defense attorney Jose Baez is now one of the most sought after Defense attorneys in the state.

If this wasn’t 100% true I could be in a little trouble?