The Power of the Governor’s Office!

Think about this if you will?

I keep preaching and congress keeps saying that the president should not/does not make laws.


The 2nd branch of the federal government makes laws, the president signs or veto the bill.

And the 3rd branch of the federal government will have the final say if there is dispute.

The #1 branch of the country can change the seating arrangement in each branch of the federal government,

 (The Voters)!

“Checks and Balances!”

This is what the forefathers wanted.

The way to keep this country from being run by a Monarchy!


Executive Order.

“The specific authority was statured that Congress passed in the 1950s, gave the president authority to take executive steps.”


The 3rd branch of federal government has the power to change those orders.

“Checks and Balances!”

The “Checks and Balances”

of a ‘State run Government’?

There are few now, if any!

In states like for instance Florida, as soon as you voted Rich Scott into office

he started changing laws and stacking committees with his puppets!

After being (Buying) the seat twice,

he can do whatever he pleases with Florida and no voter can stop him,

a Monarchy!

98% of the Florida Voters say no!

He and his puppets change the answer to yes!


Why you might be asking?

Because the three branches of this state government is controlled by one party!

And too many Floridians do not vote!




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