Term Limits

The Florida Term Limits Amendment,

also known as Amendment 9,

was an initiated constitutional amendment in Florida

which was approved on the ballot on November 3, 1992.

This amendment modified Article IV of the Florida Constitution

to limit terms for most statewide elected offices.


It’s your money people?

Only is it going into Florida professional politicians pockets!

In the two decades since voters passed the law on Term-Limits, Florida politicians have been cheating the system and you the taxpaying public!

WFTV News Reporter Christopher Heath on Term limits.

Is this the only state in the union doing this?

I think not!

Government officials are beating the system and it is on your dime!

400 South Monroe, St Tallahassee was not intended to be a permanent work address!


Voters approved Term Limits and government officials have found a way to make a lot of your money off of it!

Jobs are to be part time only now they are with full time pay with full retirement benefits!

After their time is up they now take on another part time job with full time retirement with full benefits and on and on and on?

Mike Fasano- Pasco county tax collector.

Stephen L. Prescott- tax collector

Fred Brummer-Florida House of Representatives.

Bob Simmer- orange county commissioner.

Brian Nelson commissioner.

Scott Randolph-tax collector

Cary Baker-former state senator, lake county appraiser.

Lee Constantine- state senator.

Named by WFTV News Reporter Christopher Heath

Ben Wilcox, Non-Profit group Integrity Florida


Robert Wiser Florida tax watch

Pensions in Florida are a billion dollar industry that people do not even know about!

18.7 billion dollar GAP!



Guess what party all of those above mentioned

crooked politicians belong to?

You guessed it right off didn’t you?



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