$15 raise increase

I agree that the minimum wage is in need of a dusting off and a real look see, until I go to one of our “Fast Food Window!”

Yes, many workers in the country are way under paid, many?

Service technicians in places like New England working on highly dangerous chemicals make $11 or $12 an hour, with benefits might come to $15.

They work in all kind of weather from extremely cold to very hot, on roof, in basements and all hours of the day and night while exposing themselves to criminals every second of everyday.

A person in a Fast food restaurant takes your order, maybe right and maybe wrong, greets you at a window and many times you feel as though that are doing you a favor just being there!

If it is wrong and you do go back to correct the order you are treated as a thief or a bad person for correcting the order.

Have it your way, unless you want a fish sandwich with Ranch dressing without the white sauce?

They are looking for a raise to $15 per hour?

Is it me or is it just Florida?

Now don’t get me wrong, go to a real restaurant like “Golden Corel” and you get treated like family, plus senior discount.

Taco Bell and Captain “D’s” if the order is not correct, you get the correct order plus the first one if you wish and senior discount.


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