If both where members of the tribes through-out the New England Area back in our ancestors days, you might be able to find each ‘Neck Deep’ in the Sand!

Jeb Bush’s “Chicanery” messing with the Floridians right to vote,

slanted to his brother,


Marco Rubio’s treatment of women

from the beginning of his political career!

How Insane Are Republicans’ Tax Plans?

Just Look at These Charts.

By Jordan Weissmann



Let’s start with Rubio. Citizens for Tax Justice believes that his plan will ultimately cost the government $11.8 trillion over 10 years.

That’s just slightly less than the roughly $12 trillion the entire Social Security program is expected to cost from 2016 through 2025, according to the Congressional Budget Office. It’s also more than the $9.1 trillion Medicare will require over the same period.

And Bush?

Well, according to CTJ his tax agenda would leave the government $7.1 trillion in the hole, which again is more than the entire defense budget.

Because Bush is becoming a bit of an afterthought, we’ll skip the Tax Foundation’s high-end estimate for the cost of his plan.

But the dynamic version, economic growth included, would still come to $1.6 trillion, which is about on par with the entire Social Security Disability Insurance program. Barely anything.

Again, these are the tax plans on offer from the two leading mainstream GOP candidates for president. To make them work while eventually balancing the budget (as these men supposedly want to) would require excising massive chunks of the federal government in a manner that would undoubtedly fall hardest on the poor. Which is to say, a mainstream Republican in no way shape or form means a reasonable Republican.


And yet both, with the help from the Koch Brothers, the Super-Packs and the members of congress can become our next president depending on how much is promised to company CEO’s!


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