Number of bears killed in Florida hunt higher than first reported

So, we are to believe that out of the 3,200 permit holders,

not one of them just took their kill home without reporting it?

Just what ‘Data’ did the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials


Florida gave the hunters 6 months or more to check out the best places to set up for the killing

and believe me they all did just that, scoped-out the best spots!

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commissioner Nick Wiley’s Bear hunt lie #3

This morning he is planning Bear Hunt number two!

Florida hunters were prepared for and highly successful during the state’s October bear hunt, wildlife officials said Thursday.

In total during the two-day hunt, hunters in 26 counties shot 304 bears, including 36 lactating females and several bears above or nearing 500 pounds,

Hunters in the Panhandle and the central part of the state killed more bears than set in “harvest objectives.” Wildlife officials say that means there is a larger than anticipated population in two of the most bear-dense habitats in Florida.

Those areas closed after the first day of the hunt when 114 bears were killed in the Panhandle and 139 were shot in the central region.

The totals eclipsed the quotas of 40 and 100 respectively.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials released the compiled data Thursday.

It was taken from hand-written notes completed when bears were brought into FWC inspection stations dotted around the state.

Once analyzed, that data will help biologists get a snapshot of a bear population

once estimated around 3,500 but now more likely to be somewhere closer to 6,000.

In other words because the bears were killed so fast there must be a lot more out there to be killed?


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