States attorney Jeff Aston to free Edward Frances

State attorney works to free ‘rehabilitated’ convicted murderer

Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015

You can read about this story here.

I want to write about the rest of the story?

If you have not been around Florida for a few years, or if you have and not been paying attention, let’s just take a trip back in time a little to enlighten you to a new trend in our crime system?


Jeff Ashton A Democrat,

lost the 2011 Casey Anthony trial

against a ‘Rookie Defense attorney Jose Baez’


was sworn in as a Florida state attorney in Orange and Osceola counties 2013

beating his ex-boss, long-term incumbent Lawson Lamar.

Lamar held his post for six consecutive terms.

Lawson Lamar also a Democrat,

Lawson Lamar made it a practice of bringing each accused murder and/or accused felony case to court and let the jury decide the fate of the defendant!

Because of this he lost his job?

On the other hand if you check the records, Jeff Aston, from day one, will only prosecute a case if he is 100% sure of a guilty verdict, the rest he will get the next time?

You can take this bet to the bank, Murder Edward Francis will go free.

State Attorney Jeff Ashton is asking a judge to release Francis, saying the convict has been appropriately punished and rehabilitated.

If a judge does agree to release Francis, Ashton is asking for him to be put on probation for five years.

“Prison is supposed to be punishment and rehabilitation,” Ashton said. “In this case it worked.”

However, it took 20 years to work?

Defense attorney Jose Baez is now one of the most sought after Defense attorneys in the state.

If this wasn’t 100% true I could be in a little trouble?


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