Florida’s Governor Rick Scott’s 2016 budget


“Most of the Tax will go to?”

One of the things that is kind of sticking in my poor little mind is the,


This new budget that will be adding taxes to our homes!

Where do you suppose the rest of our new tax money is going

and how many of us even care?

Not counting the part of this new tax on your homes that will become a tax break for manufacturing buddies!

You remember, the people that helped, with money, to get him elected!


“Citizens United!”

How do I get you to care?

I do not know?

$80 Billion Dollar Budget.

How do I help you understand why I do not want this Florida government milking your bank- account?

I am OK with your not caring about your pocketbook,

unfortunately they are also emptying mine!

Just in case you don’t know?

Florida is just one on many states adding instead of subtracting!



79.3 and 12 zeroes


This monster of a new taxes is for education “because the government will no longer use the Lotto and gas tax money for education?”

So, where does this lotto and gas tax money go?

My guess is into this governments pet projects, as in their pocket books!


Link number two this morning 1 1/2 hour after the New Budget link!

You can now buy lotto tickets with your credit cards so where does this extra money go?

Lawmakers consider allowing lotto tickets be bought with credit cards




Transportation (Gas)


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