“political correctness,”

(Hail, my leader!)


any supporters of

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

are drawn to him because they perceive him as

someone who speaks the truth.

Fed up with politicians subdued by the Washington establishment or by

“political correctness,”

they see Trump’s bluntness and seeming pragmatic attitude as refreshing.

But Trump is no truth-teller.

He is a demagogue in the classical Greek sense—a politician who appeals to people’s prejudices and impatience with democratic deliberation.

He does not speak the truth, but rather what a segment of the electorate wants to hear, flattery that simultaneously affirms both their perceived greatness and their victimhood.

That Trump is no straight-talker should have been obvious to anyone during the first Republican debate on August 6th.


How many other presidents or president hope-full’s gave you their “Hail Leader Salute?”




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