Florida District 5 is like an old style reservation

New Florida Political Map Could Put CBC District at Risk

Rep. Corrine Brown says her district was created to ensure minority voters have a voice.


Is this the whole truth?

Let’s find out?


The powers to be in Florida sometime around 1993, redrew the district maps in Florida, basically for the same reason that the old government of this country drew in reservations for the Indians (Natives of this Land)!


To get them out of the way of their progressive ideas.

The Indians (Natives of this land)

and their treaties

were in the way of the complete take over by the invaders of this country.

So the invaders of this country moved what they did not, assimilate or assassinate

onto land of no use, at the time, to the invaders of this country.

As we can see from map #1


Likewise the lawmakers (republicans of this state) redrew maps and placed as many as possible (democrats of this state) into a very strange looking, to say the least, 5th District (reservation!

The democrats get to vote a lackluster congress-person into distinct 5!

And the republicans get to rule Florida with a few make believe districts set up for them (republicans of this state)!

The new Florida Districts map, if this ever does happen without political involvement, should at least be a little fairer to Floridians and the country, only time will tell?

You see, the judges in Florida are all republicans.

While we are at the

“Being Fair Thing”

this country should take back their meager handouts to the Indians (Natives of this land)

and turn those reservations (Prisons)

into mini states with the same voting rights as any other state?

Remember, this country did not ask for volunteer natives of this land to stuff into those reservations (Prisons)

so maybe this government should stick any person in the surrounding area of the ‘Mini -state’ claiming to be a descendent from the

‘natives of this land’ into those ‘Mini-States?

Did you know that the ‘Natives of this land’ are the only group of people needing long hard to find unequivocal proof of ancestors in order to be caller natives of this land?

Basically because we did not talk, write, and/or keep records in the English language!

This would no longer be necessary to

become a member of a ‘Mini State’


By the way, the answer to the question at the top of this posting

“Is this the whole truth?”

A half truth.

Yes, we get to vote, but as you can now see, what good is our vote?


Florida’s state representative Cornea Browns

Corrine Brown a U.S. Representative for Florida’s 5th congressional district, serving in Congress since 1993.

She is a member of the Democratic Party.

The district includes

parts of

Duval, Clay, Putnam, Alachua, Volusia, Marion, Lake, Seminole,


Orange counties.


Florida’s US Distric




maps of reservations



The Ghost of the Missing Chad’s

John Ellis. (JEB) Bush at 3%

I want you to remember what Jeb Bush seems to want you to forget?

His name is, John Ellis. (JEB) Bush

And he will be in Ocala Florida tomorrow  at 3:PM.

John E. (Jeb) Bush is the key!

and related to two past presidents.

The Key that can un-lock the puzzle of the 2000 election 15 years ago when Al Gore, the winner of the popular vote, while winning in Florida/Ohio.

Only in the some strange way his brother, George W. Bush, won the electoral vote in Florida,

while John Ellis. (JEB) Bush was the governor of Florida?

John Ellis “Jeb” Bush an American businessman and politician served as the 43rd Governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007.

Now remember, this is just a multitude of coincidences’

I’M sure?

George W. Bush was the 43rd president of the United States and narrowly won the Electoral College vote in 2000, in one of the closest and most controversial elections in American history?

The country is now learning what all of the Floridians knew for the past 15 years

and the Floridian Democrats have been heart-broken about

and the Floridian Republicans have been quietly bragging about!

Let’s start at the beginning?

Well at least in 1999/2000?

On the news media in Florida long before the election was over and while Al Gore was declared the winner, John Ellis. (JEB) Bush echoed those now famous words,

“Don’t Worry little brother the election is in the bag!”

Within a short period of time his prediction came true, strange as it may seem to the world?

Now step back to the times while we were voting for our choice of president in Florida?

‘Extra Long lines’ in known democratic districts

(black for the most part)!

Delayed or missing absentee ballots?

Unnecessary checks of voter IDs in known democratic districts

(black for the most part)!

People turned away at the voting booths in known democratic districts

(black for the most part)!

And the Al Gore killer #1!

Those now world famous

(Hanging – Chad’s)!

Hanging Chad


Florida election recount



Now for Al Gore killing #1

Supreme Court of the United States put a stop to the checking of the re-counting voting Chads

and handed the office of the president to George W. Bush,

the brother of then Florida Governor (John Ellis. (JEB) Bush)?

Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States in 1999/2000

William Rehnquist† 1986–2005 — Nixon (associate)Reagan (chief Justice)

John Paul Stevens 1975- 2010- Ford

Sandra Day O’Connor 1981–2006–2006– Reagan

Antonin Scalia – 1986–present — Reagan Currently serving

Anthony Kennedy – 1988–present — Reagan Currently serving

David Souter 1990- 2009–present- Bush, G. H. W.

Clarence Thomas – 1991–present — Bush, G. H. W. Currently serving

Ruth Bader Ginsburg – 1993–present — Clinton Currently serving

Stephen Breyer – 1994–present — Clinton Currently serving

John G. Roberts 1955– 2005–present Bush, G. W. Currently serving

Samuel Alito 1950– 2006–presentBush, G. W. Currently serving

Breanna’s Christmas

What do you mean, “I am not a lap dog?”


Well, see I told ya!


Hay, is this old St. Nick?


I love my Moose!

What’s a reindeer?


So, what’s in the bag?


Look, another one?


Got it, tree in the house means toys for Breanna


Anybody for a forest next years? Just asking?


Not to worry, I got these two guys under control Mom!


Look Dad here’s another one?


2015 the year of governing messily in Florida


Florida’s Year of the Bizarre,

The Messy and the Ungoverned

It was the year of governing messily in Florida.

That is, when state officials were governing at all.

As 2015 wound down, four legislative sessions had been held;

three of them ended in failure,

and the fourth only succeeded with the threat of a government shutdown looming.

Scott used his line-item veto pen to slash more than $461 million from the spending plan, which brought howls of protest from the Senate.

Gov. Rick Scott spent much of the year on the road and away from the squabbling in the Legislature,

but he also had to shake the biggest political crisis

in his nearly five years in office.


Why on earth would anyone want to come to Florida, unless they didn’t do their homework first?

And yet we outgrew California?


Please don’t tell me that it is because of the weather?

Better than half of the country has the same or better weather and without 3/4 our problems humans, insects and skunks (politicians)!

No governor Scott, no fire ants both insect and human.


Less Ku Klux Klan and Ku Klux Klan Wannabees.

Lawmakers were not forced back to the Capitol, but a sharply divided court ruled that the House had violated the Constitution by going home early.

In the meantime, Scott had sued the federal government to try to unlink any discussion of LIP funding and Medicaid expansion. He also called for the Legislature to approve a “continuation budget,” something Senate Appropriations Chairman Tom Lee, R-Brandon, called “a made-up word.”


Why is it?

Why is it?

Why is it that even though I have been posting for over a year now, reasons why I, and I believe you, should not be voting for Senator Bernie Sanders and yet every day I spot and must go into that postings and/or tweets to dump someone because that someone keeps on finding ways to sneak into and post their own opinion about this dirty minded, old, stuck in the past, congressman?

You are on my sites even though you know that I am voting for Hillary and not for this old, wrinkled face, dinosaur!

This guy is using the word Socialist as a new word, while claiming that he is not that old world socialist,


while preaching changes that in 35 years as a politician has never changed, and you are buying this?


As president he, just as this president, can never change a thing without bills from congress to approve or veto

and this will not happen until voters can dump all of

the old stuck in the mud do nothing congress!


Socialist Party?


Nation Party Affiliation
 Albania Socialist Party of Albania SI
 Argentina Socialist Party SI
 Australia Socialist Party CWI
 Belgium Socialist Party SI, PES
 Bolivia Socialist Party
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Socialist Party
 Brazil Brazilian Socialist Party FSP
 Bulgaria Bulgarian Socialist Party SI, PES
 Canada Socialist Party of Ontario
 Chile Socialist Party of Chile SI
 Egypt Socialist Party of Egypt
 France Socialist Party SI, PES
 French Guiana Guianese Socialist Party
 Gabon Gabonese Socialist Party
 Guinea-Bissau Socialist Party of Guinea-Bissau
 Hungary Hungarian Socialist Party SI, PES
 India Socialist Party
 Iraq Assyrian Socialist Party
Kurdish Socialist Party
 Ireland Socialist Party CWI
 Italy Italian Socialist Party SI, PES
 Latvia Socialist Party of Latvia
 Lithuania Socialist Party of Lithuania
 Macedonia Socialist Party of Macedonia PES
 Malaysia Socialist Party of Malaysia
 Mexico Socialist Party of Mexico
 Moldova Socialist Party of Moldova
 Morocco Socialist Party
 Netherlands Socialist Party
 Nicaragua Nicaraguan Socialist Party
 Northern Cyprus Cyprus Socialist Party
 Peru Socialist Party
 Poland Polish Socialist Party
 Portugal Socialist Party SI, PES
 Romania Romanian Socialist Party
 Rwanda Rwandese Socialist Party
 San Marino Socialist Party
 Serbia Socialist Party of Serbia
 Senegal Socialist Party of Senegal SI
 Spain Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party PES
Socialist Party of the Basque Country SI, PES
Socialists’ Party of Catalonia PES
Socialist Party of Galicia PES
Majorca Socialist Party EFA
 Sri Lanka Socialist Party of Sri Lanka LFI
 Sweden Socialist Party USFI
  Switzerland Swiss Socialist Party SI, PES
 Tajikistan Socialist Party of Tajikistan
 Timor-Leste Socialist Party of Timor
 Ukraine Socialist Party of Ukraine SI
 United Kingdom Socialist Labour Party (UK)
Socialist Party CWI
Socialist Party of Great Britain WSM
Scottish Socialist Party EACL
 United States Socialist Party USA
 Uruguay Socialist Party of Uruguay SI
 Yemen Yemeni Socialist Party SI

Sculptures with Solar Panels

Solar Panels Sculpture


Well this is what I was thinking also until?

9 Investigates new OUC solar artwork in Orange County

Monday, Dec. 14, 2015


OUC (Orlando Utilities Company), is placing Sculptures with Solar Panels on then, all around the city?

At $25,000 a sculpture using their customers money?


While also admitting that they are useless for saving your power bills!

This is what happens if you the consumer, well not take control of your tax money and out of the hands of the CEO’s of your power companies!

They find new ways with your money to squash your

“Alternative ways to save your tax-money!”


9 investigates found that nearly $500,000 is being spent by the Orlando Utilities Commission to add solar art around the city of Orlando.

OUC placed the first one at the Citrus Bowl Monday.

The red solar art piece puts out about enough power to illuminate 10 light bulbs.

An OUC representative said the pieces are meant to be conversation pieces.



Prayer vote splits over Internet rule

Well it’s about time, a city with guts, gumption and brains?

Although the meeting still needs to be revisited at another time?

The statement by one member, “The Commissioners meetings are having a hard time getting people in their area to attend.”

Re-think your times and dates of your meetings and stick to the ‘Roberts Rules of Meetings’.

Also this statement will not hold water because if you keep allowing anyone from anywhere to show at your meeting, one or two people can drag a meeting out with nothing accomplisher for un necessary hours!

Allow your public to speak and I mean really allow your public to speak.


No, an internet church cannot speak unless you are having this internet church televised during your meetings?


In a rare 3-2 vote, Fruitland Park commissioners okayed a new ordinance last week to govern who can lead prayers at commission meetings.


If adopted at its second reading in January, the ordinance will limit commission prayer leaders to Fruitland Park residents, Fruitland Park churches, or churches that Fruitland Park residents attend, including “synagogues, temples, mosques or other religious congregations.”

The sticking point was online churches.