Prayer vote splits over Internet rule

Well it’s about time, a city with guts, gumption and brains?

Although the meeting still needs to be revisited at another time?

The statement by one member, “The Commissioners meetings are having a hard time getting people in their area to attend.”

Re-think your times and dates of your meetings and stick to the ‘Roberts Rules of Meetings’.

Also this statement will not hold water because if you keep allowing anyone from anywhere to show at your meeting, one or two people can drag a meeting out with nothing accomplisher for un necessary hours!

Allow your public to speak and I mean really allow your public to speak.


No, an internet church cannot speak unless you are having this internet church televised during your meetings?


In a rare 3-2 vote, Fruitland Park commissioners okayed a new ordinance last week to govern who can lead prayers at commission meetings.

If adopted at its second reading in January, the ordinance will limit commission prayer leaders to Fruitland Park residents, Fruitland Park churches, or churches that Fruitland Park residents attend, including “synagogues, temples, mosques or other religious congregations.”

The sticking point was online churches.


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