Sculptures with Solar Panels

Solar Panels Sculpture


Well this is what I was thinking also until?

9 Investigates new OUC solar artwork in Orange County

Monday, Dec. 14, 2015

OUC (Orlando Utilities Company), is placing Sculptures with Solar Panels on then, all around the city?

At $25,000 a sculpture using their customers money?


While also admitting that they are useless for saving your power bills!

This is what happens if you the consumer, well not take control of your tax money and out of the hands of the CEO’s of your power companies!

They find new ways with your money to squash your

“Alternative ways to save your tax-money!”


9 investigates found that nearly $500,000 is being spent by the Orlando Utilities Commission to add solar art around the city of Orlando.

OUC placed the first one at the Citrus Bowl Monday.

The red solar art piece puts out about enough power to illuminate 10 light bulbs.

An OUC representative said the pieces are meant to be conversation pieces.



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