2015 the year of governing messily in Florida


Florida’s Year of the Bizarre,

The Messy and the Ungoverned

It was the year of governing messily in Florida.

That is, when state officials were governing at all.

As 2015 wound down, four legislative sessions had been held;

three of them ended in failure,

and the fourth only succeeded with the threat of a government shutdown looming.

Scott used his line-item veto pen to slash more than $461 million from the spending plan, which brought howls of protest from the Senate.

Gov. Rick Scott spent much of the year on the road and away from the squabbling in the Legislature,

but he also had to shake the biggest political crisis

in his nearly five years in office.


Why on earth would anyone want to come to Florida, unless they didn’t do their homework first?

And yet we outgrew California?


Please don’t tell me that it is because of the weather?

Better than half of the country has the same or better weather and without 3/4 our problems humans, insects and skunks (politicians)!

No governor Scott, no fire ants both insect and human.


Less Ku Klux Klan and Ku Klux Klan Wannabees.

Lawmakers were not forced back to the Capitol, but a sharply divided court ruled that the House had violated the Constitution by going home early.

In the meantime, Scott had sued the federal government to try to unlink any discussion of LIP funding and Medicaid expansion. He also called for the Legislature to approve a “continuation budget,” something Senate Appropriations Chairman Tom Lee, R-Brandon, called “a made-up word.”



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