Florida District 5 is like an old style reservation

New Florida Political Map Could Put CBC District at Risk

Rep. Corrine Brown says her district was created to ensure minority voters have a voice.


Is this the whole truth?

Let’s find out?


The powers to be in Florida sometime around 1993, redrew the district maps in Florida, basically for the same reason that the old government of this country drew in reservations for the Indians (Natives of this Land)!


To get them out of the way of their progressive ideas.

The Indians (Natives of this land)

and their treaties

were in the way of the complete take over by the invaders of this country.

So the invaders of this country moved what they did not, assimilate or assassinate

onto land of no use, at the time, to the invaders of this country.

As we can see from map #1


Likewise the lawmakers (republicans of this state) redrew maps and placed as many as possible (democrats of this state) into a very strange looking, to say the least, 5th District (reservation!

The democrats get to vote a lackluster congress-person into distinct 5!

And the republicans get to rule Florida with a few make believe districts set up for them (republicans of this state)!

The new Florida Districts map, if this ever does happen without political involvement, should at least be a little fairer to Floridians and the country, only time will tell?

You see, the judges in Florida are all republicans.

While we are at the

“Being Fair Thing”

this country should take back their meager handouts to the Indians (Natives of this land)

and turn those reservations (Prisons)

into mini states with the same voting rights as any other state?

Remember, this country did not ask for volunteer natives of this land to stuff into those reservations (Prisons)

so maybe this government should stick any person in the surrounding area of the ‘Mini -state’ claiming to be a descendent from the

‘natives of this land’ into those ‘Mini-States?

Did you know that the ‘Natives of this land’ are the only group of people needing long hard to find unequivocal proof of ancestors in order to be caller natives of this land?

Basically because we did not talk, write, and/or keep records in the English language!

This would no longer be necessary to

become a member of a ‘Mini State’


By the way, the answer to the question at the top of this posting

“Is this the whole truth?”

A half truth.

Yes, we get to vote, but as you can now see, what good is our vote?


Florida’s state representative Cornea Browns

Corrine Brown a U.S. Representative for Florida’s 5th congressional district, serving in Congress since 1993.

She is a member of the Democratic Party.

The district includes

parts of

Duval, Clay, Putnam, Alachua, Volusia, Marion, Lake, Seminole,


Orange counties.


Florida’s US Distric




maps of reservations



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