Sugarloaf Mountain/Thrill Hill

Done laughing yet?
I can wait?

Not the reason for the post.
Yes, a mountain and a hill in Florida is a bit of a stretch and at the very least an oxymoron!
But, they are our mountain and hill!
And I might add not the only ones.
Minneola public takes issue with Sugarloaf Mountain subdivision plans

Sugarloaf Mountain is the fifth highest named point in the state of
Florida. At 312 feet (95 meters) above
sea level
It is also the highest point on the geographic Florida Peninsula.
The mountain is in
Lake County,
near the town of
Comparatively, Florida’s highest point,
Britton Hill,
rises to 345 feet (105 meters) above sea level in the
Florida Panhandle.
However, Sugarloaf Mountain is the most prominent point in the entire state.
Now to the reason for the post!
Say good-by to Sugarloaf!
It you want something in Florida that you should not have,

and know that you should not have,

put your checkbook into your pocket


make an appointment with our government officials

from bottom to the very top!
Developers want to end the beautiful bike route to build 2,500 more homes!
The check must be in the mail?
One can only guess on how many homes were built before it made it into the media?
Minneola public takes issue with Sugarloaf Mountain subdivision plans

Thrill Hill
A few years before our retirement to Florida while still traveling the powwow circuit, one of our friends,

often showing the area with his pride,

took me on a short-cut back road known to the locals as

Mind you

I came from New England and traveled the northern states hundreds of time.
While traveling,

Donna took great pride in showing off some

‘Real Mountains out west’,

so when he asked me if I wanted to go down ‘Thrill hill,’

I said sure!
A few minutes later he said, “well what do you think?”
Before I had the chance to out my brain in gear,

my mouth said, “About what?”
I apologized and asked if we could do it again but it was too late!
He never did learn because a few weeks later while the four of us were returning from lunch in Apopka

he asked Donna the same question?
After 16 years I am starting to like the darn hill!
However, if you look around at the scenery and we always do, you know that in Florida these days “The handwriting is on the wall!”
How many homes can they put on Thrill hill?


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