“Where are all the “Indians?”


“Where are the thousands of Indians in Florida

when your brothers and sisters so desperately need you?”

I have been going to a few dozen gatherings (powwows) in this state for some 15 years and each one of you claims to be Indians!



Each one of you has shown great reverence to the Eagle!

“Well, it is time for each of you to put your heart where your mouth is!”

We need at the very least a

“Thousand Indian March” and we need it now!

Which of our Florida Officials have their fingers in the pockets of

Lally Development LLC?

You will find that answer tonight!

You show great pride in flashy regalia once or twice a year and then pass into the

“Whiteman’s World,”

while your brothers and sisters, the animals, plants and birds, created by your Creator,


are systematically going by way of the

Florida Ivory-billed Woodpecker now extinct !

Tonight the powers to be of Florida (Non-Natives) are going to

“End the Eagles of Canoe-Creek Reserve,”

with one sweep of a pen


“Your Eagles” do not have “Pocketbooks!”

WFTV Channel 9

Residents in a St. Cloud neighborhood fear a proposed development will scare off eagles that have built a nest in a nearby tree.

Jeff Levkulich WFTV has more details on Eyewitness News at 11

Monday, Jan. 18, 2016

St. Cloud residents fear development will hurt eagles’ nest

ST. CLOUD, Fla. —

St. Cloud residents said they are going to fight a new development to save eagles that have lived in their neighborhood for decades.

The residents on the 3400 block of Canoe Creek Road are calling on the city to stop a developer’s proposed 94-lot residential community, called Eagles Landing, from being built.

PDF: Plans for Eagles Landing in St. Cloud

A nest disturbance permit application for the area was recently received by Florida Fish and Wildlife.

Lally Development, which wants to build the community, cannot have the eagles removed, but according to plans presented by the city, it will not have to.

The developer plans to keep the tree where the eagles nest in place, and build around it with a 660-foot buffer.

“I think they are going to chase them off,” said resident Carlos DeJesus.

Residents still are not sold on the idea.

“I don’t like it. I think they are going to disturb the eagles no matter how they do it,” said resident Sue Cole.

It is not just the eagles’ nests up in the tree that people are worried about.

The developer may also have to relocate gopher tortoises.

The land has several burrows, but a study would have to be done to determine if the tortoises live there.

Channel 9’s Jeff Levkulich contacted Lally Development, but has not gotten a response.

The developer will bring the request before the St. Cloud commission Tuesday night.


Preliminary Master Plan Eagles Landing 3451 Canoe Creek Road St. Cloud, Osceola County, Florida

Lally Development LLC wants to build homes around the Eagle Nests.

Remember, not only is this the “Messenger to and from Creator” Eagle is America’s National Bird!

They also want to relocate the

extremely endangered Gopher Tortoise,

which as you know from so many

past developments,

when they think that no one is looking,

they bury the Tortoise alive!

One person complaining Mr. Bill Cole!

Where all of the Florida Indians?

The meeting is tonight!

Reported by Nancy Alverez on Channel 9 News WFTV 01/19/2016

Canoe Creek Road, Osceola County, Florida

A 35-mile-long road south of Orlando that makes it easy to spot Anhingas, Limpkins, and other large specialty birds of the Southeast.

By Jim Burns | Published: 10/26/2012




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