Made in the good old; “State of Florida!”

Our workforce and small business has no way to protect this country, our states, the public and themselves from government corruption!

Tickets issued due to red-light cameras are illegal, says Florida court.

An appeals court decides that in Florida,

private companies that operate red-light cameras have no right to send out tickets.



I have been saying this ever since the beginning of the installing that it was a

“Big Mistake!”

The judges mulled the fact that private owners of red-light cameras were the ones who sent out tickets.

The judges concluded:

“Hang on,

That’s not legal.”

As with every state in every country, we have technical training schools all over Florida for training Floridians so let’s use them.

Once again, our governor (Governor Rick Scott) and his Gestapo (Congress) have farmed out our manufacturing and our Florida jobs, to their

“Super Pac Companies!”

In addition, those companies as usual are,

“Milking the Public!”

Yes, I defied anyone to prove that those cameras, installed and working correctly, not only save lives, they save insurance costs and property damages!



Installed by our qualified Floridian work force.

“Working Correctly.”

Not only installed with the correct mind set (to save lived) maintained by a “Floridian Workforce,” with less accidents in mind by allowing enough time between light changing for driver safety!

“Super Pac Companies!”

Companies that are paying our government officials, to do their thing?

Once again, you fill in the blanks!

Our Floridian Manufacturing Companies must have ‘Labor Protection’ from our government and big business interference!

This outsourcing and Super-Pac Ruling, all started back in the 1980’s

with the destruction of our unions by our government!

Our workforce and small business have no way to protect this country, our states, the public and themselves from government corruption!

It is now time to vote.

Please vote with your mind and brain, as well as your heart?

When you sit alone, facing this voting machine, think about the one and only person that has been giving you your answers from the heart,

with the passion to do the job correctly, with a proven past of accomplishments for many years?


Just Saying?

We do not need another loud mouth businessperson running for president only to get back the out-of-pocket money spent to get the job and as much more as possible in 8 years!

We already have such a person in Florida looking for another 8 years of collecting while our senator!

We also do not want an old insipid party changing wannabe bully running our country; we already have a choice of many governors to do this for him!



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