Shooting at Orlando nightclub

The Glitz Ultra Lounge Shooting


THE NRA and most of our Federal Government keep telling the people that more guns mean less crime.


One must guess that the NRA and our congress do not spend much time watching the news?

About 90% of the news is about someone shooting a gun somewhere at someone or something.

There were three Orlando police officers and an untold number of hired private securities in this little club and still at least three shooters?

Maybe we should just hand out a gun to everyone coming to the club.

Think that this will slow down the crime?

Shooting at Orlando nightclub leaves two dead, several more injured

By Shanna Pavlak, CNN

February 7, 2016

One person died at the scene, and another died after being transported to the hospital, Orlando police spokeswoman Michelle Guido said. Guido said as many as 10 people were hurt, including one person who was listed in critical condition. Guido said the other victims did not suffer life-threatening injuries. Not all of the people who were injured were shot. Guido said at least one person was hurt while trying to get out of the club.

There were as many as three shooters involved, she said.

Three Orlando police officers were at the club when the shooting happened, the spokeswoman said. They were hired by the club to provide extra security in addition to the club’s own private security.


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